The Rewarding Feeling

I don’t find the end of a day providing client support rewarding. It’s actually quiet tiresome. It’s more fun providing support than it is assisting with product selection and sales enquiries, but client support doesn’t really leave one feeling the raw feeling of acheivement at the end of a day.

I have just completed an accounting tool that I have been pushing through for a friend recently to assist with online data.

It uses Quickbooks, and interfaces a lot of his data with that provided by customers – all in the lead up to something bigger to happen later on.

But, as I go through all the bug fixes, and complete all the features and see the application form from a simple blank line of code to what is now.. 1006 lines of code, which helps with performing the tasks required in a very efficient manner – it saves on manual entry, I feel somewhat rewarded from the effort that has gone into it.

Sometimes it isn’t money that is the reward, but rather, seeing the completion of a development. 

I enjoy developing, and that’s in the full sense of the term, from theoretical, through to the stages of development, information flow, and programming, and then UI design. It excites me, and then you find the feeling of accomplishment at the end, after you have pushed through all the issues, and made something from – nearly – nothing, and of course, it works. Naturally, no item of software is bug free – even Notepad has a bug, but development and testing show this is pretty well completed – I test a lot of code as I go, to ensure bugs are identified quickly. It slows development ‘slightly’, because if you get it right, then you are wasting marginal amounts of time testing to ensure perfection, but, then, if you later have to dig through the code to identify your bug, then  you’ll be in a different mindset and stuck reading through the code.

I guess that might somewhat apply to open source as well, when you have multiple developers, they’ll have to read through another developers code and wonder ‘what on earth was he thinking there’ – naturally, typos, and logic errrors – or in the case of phones – train of thought interuptions can cause errors!

I’m still feeling happy with the completion of that, because it now signifies the possible start of the next stage, which is more web based, and I enjoy web development the most (yes, ignore OzVoIPStatus, it isn’t exactly the most developped website I have).

Oh, some – like Sydney – may be wondering where my views on Telstra, Optus, “Fox” Terria, the G9, and Broadband are. Currently, I’m avoiding those topics for a little bit, I have the new job to keep with, TAFE studies, and where I can fit items in, development – if only I could turn that into a full time, well paid job like my client support job.


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