Nearly finished Diploma studies

Recently I’ve put a lot of progress into completing my studies for the course I’m studying (Diploma in IT – Sys Admin).

Much of the items are as I described several months ago, mindless paperwork describing something that you have done countless times already – but of course, in this day and age, certification is not always just a bit of paper.

From an employment perspective it can show someone’s desires, what they felt motivated enough to complete on their own. It can also highlight educational aspects – how well someone can learn.

The Diploma in IT for me is a bit of a resume filler – to sit alongside my Cert I, II, III & IV studies and effectively leaves me open to the Advanced Diploma, or to follow more specific studies.

The Cisco Certified Network Administrator course has been a course that has found itself in front of my eyes many times – not the course, but rather the term CCNA. I had not considered proceeding a full path in networking, mainly because I know what I want, and can always find and work out what I don’t.

My ideal career path is one which focuses on development – Client Support is a fair way off from that, but it’s more of a stop gap measure to keep everything going and of course, add to the resume.

I’m not entirely sure where I’ll find myself with development – be it web or system related – within the next 3 years. I’m not anticipating remaining in Client Support for that long, it’s boring. I’m a problem solver, sure. I like to resolve issues, but of course, exposure to new issues makes it all the more interesting.

Client Support lacks the aspects I enjoy, the ability to replicate an issue, and fix it. Nearly all the issues I get faced with are the same old, same old. Restart, and viola, it’s fixed, or adjust configuration setting, and it’s fixed. It’s uninteresting, boring.

A problem solving challenge would be a new issue, a new investigation, a new solution, rather than repeating the same troubleshooting with the next caller (dependant on issue).

I had/have plans to push forward with a development business, but that isn’t taking off as well as it could be. I’m not a good marketer – when I review other attempts made by me, I do realise that.

Marketing Reps are expensive, and not something that can be afforded from a startup, word of mouth first requires mouths to give word out of. A telephone directory ad would just create phone calls – I can’t stress enough how much I dislike a telephone (yes, despite my large usage of SIP / VoIP when developing OzVoIPStatus).

Thinking of marketing, I’m reminded of that ‘’ advertisement, which makes sense – create a catchy advert and entice the listener to review the website to get the full details. Websites of course offer a LOT of information, more than a 30 second radio ad can convey (not every case applies, stupid flash splash pages for example).

So, back to where I was – where do I see myself in proceeding with Development? I could continue to try and follow up on creating a development company, and provide solutions to problems faced by IT users. What can I gain from Client Support? Patience and tolerance for the telephone, and the slow paced users on the other end. Not something I want much anyway.

What will my Diploma get me? Not a lot at the moment I imagine, but the future can hold many oppourtunities, so it’s important to keep doors open and ensure I have the capabilities to be dynamic (and have a dynamic, but extensive skillset). IT is a dynamic marketplace as well, new technologies replacing old (and I’ve used Windows Vista an approximate total of 1 – 2 hours).

I enjoy solving problems with programs, and creating solutions to IT problems, it’s ‘fun’.

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