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A lot of us have had it before, the company that can’t do anything right, or the company that just annoys you in anything they do.

Many users are simply tolerant of this, and put up with it. I base this simply on the general reactions of those who get “sick” of something. They don’t have any expression of disappointment, they do nothing, not even complain. They simply move to another provider silently, and that’s it.

I guess the company providing the service might eventually realise how much their service sucks, when they have no customers, but shouldn’t people be more encouraged to explore customer satisfaction? As a customer it’s basically an automatic entitlement with most companies, afterall, you help pay the bills and keep the staff gainfully employed. Why shouldn’t you expect some degree of good service from a company?

I don’t see many myself, not.

Netspace – Stuffed us around 3 times.
iiNet – Stuffed us around for 6 months before we decided we’d simply dump them.
Telstra – Once, and we are still waiting on that telephone call for those calls that didn’t happen.
Australia Post – Parcel went missing in action, .. it’s still missing in action.
Centrelink – Raised a debt, but was wrong (can’t trust computers to be right continuously), took them 7 months to actually clear the old debt.

Of those, we’ve made complaints to various areas on numerous occasions, and whilst not a lot might happen from an initial complaint, things eventually change for the better.

There’s no point putting up with junkyard service, if you are getting this, and even tied into contract, if you have continual problems and annoy the company enough, they’ll probably just waive the contract and tell you to bugger off, that’s a win – win situation.

Right now, the Netspace situation, we pay 79.95 for a huge 160GB+ of data transferred. That’s what I’m calling “on – par” value, for the continually long call queues, the emails from Management that were unprofessional, the whirlpool activity, the downtime..

That’s near fair compensation in my eyes. I’d probably be happier moving to Exetel or aaNet for faster speeds and better value, but, if I can suck down all I can eat 160GB+ every month, that’s good value. Fantastic value. Won’t find that on 8Mbit easily, in fact, I’m happy they extended the contract, it means I get a longer time at getting all we can eat data, via PIPE. We’ll see if we can’t suck down 200GB soon enough!

Hopefully, the phone queue for Customer Service sorts itself out, I just can’t see how it’s continuously, day after day, 40 minutes+ long. There must be a slow time and obviously, a lot of enquiries couldn’t require constant phone support..?!

I guess all is left for Netspace to say with regard to our plan and contract is: Bon appetit!

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