Something interesting with programming

One thing I find amazing is how inconsistent some developers can be when developing on a project.

Take the open source project, Trixbox for example.

In one application installed with Trixbox, you can actually manipulate some users fantastically. In the same application, you try and manipulate any of the other users, and.. well, you can forget all about it, the functions for it weren’t written.

It’s quiet amazing also that a developer would think and innovate to write one function for one particular type of user, but neglect completely, the other sets of users.

Further, bad programming that annoys me is very poor documentation.

It’s either reinvite or canreinvite for example. You look at a sample file for a “sample”, and find something completely different elsewhere on the internet. Too bad if you didn’t have internet access.

You’d have to question the commercial value of any application developed by those style of “developers”. It’s lazy, and doesn’t really help users, or those who are to develop for that application any better.

If you take the time to write a function for one feature you offer, and it might make sense to write the exact feature for the other similar function, it’s simply a copy / paste a few keywords and structure changes, and you have … consistency!!

On another note, Labor’s plan for FTTN has made yet another very worthy point.

We send toooo many dollars overseas, for example, offshoring to India.
What’s wrong with unemployed ‘Mary’ down the road? I’m sure she can answer a phone? Give her a job, keep dollars in Australia.

Australia sends a LOT more $$’s overseas for IT, compared to what we export. It’s not good at all.

I think the jobs are better served by well trained Aussies who can fulfill the jobs, and help our economy further.

I really do think Labour has the ticket this election based on that plan, if we stop sending our $$’s overseas, we improve our own economy, and further, if the FTTN network allows the disadvantaged the ability to truly perform and create new import industries, like, onshoring calls from Indian call centres for example, it would eventually have paid for itself and cause greater economic growth.

We’d be a better nation if we didn’t offshore, or import as much “services” style work. We should be an exporter, start investing and creating advanced IT jobs, and stop Intel sending their billions of dollars to.. China, and instead, they can make use of skilled Australian’s..

I know Labor has a trademark with debt’s and obviously some bad management, but I think Conroy actually got a brain injected. FTTN is good, at least for a short-medium term, and after that, well, we’ll see what happens, it very well could turn into T2 (no, not the share offer), but either way, we get advanced broadband infrastructure, compared to what we have now, and that’s an obvious win on all fronts.

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