Labor’s FTTN plan, bringing the future sooner

According to some popular media outlets, they currently claim Labor’s FTTN proposal brings the future to us today.

I disagree, not entirely, but I disagree, here’s why.

Many other countries have FTTN networks.

Technology is moving at a rapid pace also, which means that by the time they get the first node near me, technology will more likely need 100Mbps, and not a simple 10Mbps that this network might provide.

I’m still a supporter of it though, anything that means I don’t whore my dollars out to Telstra Wholesale for Internet Access at Desert speeds is gonna be good.

I’m considering putting Rudd in the chair, for one reason only, if he blows the budget, we boot him back out, bring in the next party to fix it up. Isn’t that basically how politics has been working anyway? Labor screwed everyone before, one reason not to vote for them, but being overly conservative in the approach means we fall behind, which isn’t good, so someone needs to spend the money, someone needs to bring it back in, Labor 4 years, and voted out after that for blowing the budget.

Maybe we should place bets on that.?

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