Script Kiddie at it again

One host I am with seems to be a target of some kid that holds a personal issue against the company.

A few weeks ago, the kid researched an exploit in Kayako Support Suite, a web based support software application, and sent emails out to the customers it contained, advising them to change host, and various forms of abuse. Very bad for business.

This week, the same kid has stolen data from a computer system belonging to the company, and is abusing personal information of approximately 500 customers, sending them emails from a GMail account.

The kid is believed to be of a young age (less than 16).

I think the kid can be punished in several ways, starting with a lawsuit on their parents for damages at a business level, a abuse notice to the ISP stating that the connection is being used for criminal acts (AUP likely states NOT to), Federal Police complaint about unauthorized access to a computer system.

This kid is looking at jail time for repeated offences. He might think its funny now (actually, even looking at it from his side, it’s pretty lame and boring), but I doubt he will find it entertaining when he sits in a 2 x 2 cell reading ‘Learn Spanish in 90 days’, whilst counting down the days remaining of his 10 year sentence, as well, counting how many jobs he WONT get as a result of having a criminal record.

What a complete idiot. Someday, he might think before he steals data from a computer system.

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