Another not so big win for Labor (in NSW)

Labor has won the State election today in NSW.

We have yet another 4 years of Morris Iemma. Let’s see if he actually comes good on the promises. His campaign consisted mostly of “it’s been work in progress, let’s keep going”.

Morris, my key aspects that I want fixed in 4 years, or I don’t see myself voting your fat arse back in, are, Registration, espiecially for under 25’s, consider my idea whereby we don’t penalise every driver, just the stupid ones, that deserve it.

Broadband, if I can’t get anything higher then 512k out to the internet, or 10Mbit back in, cheaply, within 4 years, you aren’t facing a chance of earning my vote.

I like to reward people who take action, anyone who sits on their hand, after a win that is so close, deserves to get booted out, those who take action, well, if they don’t disappoint, I’ll help them have as many years as they like.

We don’t want 4 years of “laziness”, my thoughts are Labour was voted in by the majority because Debnam was a lazy fool, who wanted to hand IR Laws to Canberra, instead of doing the job he’d be voted in for, and actually get some WORK done.

Both parties seem lazy, but one is obviously more lazier. I think Morris, and Federal Labour have some good ideas for fixing our broadband issues, and I hope they take Registration as another issue of high importance, along with the standard 4, Hospital, Roads, Public Transport, Crime. All issues that need to be tackled, some need a bit more importance than others, Registration costs aren’t high priority for example, but it doesn’t exactly cost them much to nut out a policy for us to read through, and that, would be a start.

Let’s just start following the progress of them for 4 years.
Actually, good idea for a website, start tracking the promises they make, and see how far they make good on them after 4 years (between elections), that, would be a great benchmark of who should be voted in.

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