NSW Stupid Registration Prices

Here is something I would like addressed within the next election:

Registration costs and CTP.

In QLD, to Register a V6 Commodore, you are looking at $680.

In NSW, Under 25, Register the same V6 Commodore, you are looking at $861.

That money doesn’t get us better paved roads either, so it isn’t going to the right causes, because roads in NSW are absolutely rubbish in comparison to QLD, roads near paved with gold.

What I’d like to see happen is CTP to be standardized across the board, and none of this, you are younger, and others act like an idiot on the road, so you also have to pay more.

Heck, a better system: Ever get a fine, chuck them in high risk category 1, 2 or 3, and make them pay through the roof.
That way, it doesn’t matter of age, or how long you’ve had your license, if you get fined, your in a high risk category for a year or two, and that will no doubt make people think twice, a fine and increased registration costs due to speeding tickets and the like?
Makes sense to me. Saves me money just because there are more idiots on the road in NSW compared to QLD.

I guess we need a lot of people to start writing NSW MP’s, but I’m sure we could cause a change in the system with enough pesterings. Pester your MP for the proposed system above, other safer drivers on the road should not pay, because a select group of idiots choose to speed, and feel they do it when no one is around, or they won’t get caught. I don’t care, you are an idiot, and while you are an idiot, costs for honest drivers rise. Not fair. Should make teh idiot pay $1000 + for rego, because if they are caught up for speeding, they are obviously in a high risk category, and deserve to cop the higher insurance costs that come with it.

You see, I could be 33, and register a car, after having my license for just 1 year (or the same year) and it is that MUCH cheaper, but should we all wait til after 25 before we drive and register our own cars? You know, those of us who aren’t still sucking mummy’s tits, and are independant, and do have real expenses to pay? Should we be punished for being responsible?

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