Labor broadband plan (next budget deficit starter)

Labor has a plan, to bring everyone, nationally, 12Mb/sec broadband using fibre to the node.

Not a bad idea, and at a cheap enough cost. I’m sure the extra %age that can’t get anything faster than 8Mbps for extortion prices (me) would be thankful. However, Labor just has a history, and on that history, is a deficit that took the current government a fair while to pay off. No easy task paying off millions of dollars.

Anyway, the plan that Mr. Rudd has will bring us all faster broadband, but that means putting Labor at the front of running this country, which history shows, doesn’t have a positive budget balance.

I’m curious what plans the current government have to fix the state of broadband.

You see, the current government has ran a surplus budget, YAY, the country can eventually get some tax cuts, and the surplus could be used to co-fund more infrastructure!! 🙂

Who do we all vote in? Labor? Why? Liberal ? Why? Donuts? Mmmmm Donuts.

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