Raising a child, is it hard? Or is it?

Contrary to popular belief, I form the opinion so far, that raising a child isn’t exactly “hard”. It simply requires common sense.

The tasks involved aren’t somewhat difficult, for example, you change a nappy regularly, you feed the child when its hungry, you clean up after it, you take care of it, you comfort it when its tired / cranky, you set the rules and boundaries and enforce them.

What’s hard about that?

Nappy changing, it’s easy. In fact, for the smelly nappies, it’s a game. And, it’s not how fast you can change it.

Feeding the baby, easy. Prepare a bottle or food, and feed away.

Clean up after it, well, not hard. Pretty simple, just a pain to pick everything up / clean pencil off walls / remove food from surfaces.

Take care of it, if you need medical assistance, what on earth do you do? You use common sense.

Comforting when cranky, well, that’s pretty self explanatory. Show the child who’s boss, and if they scream, tell them to stick a cork in it. Not so hard? Depends on the child’s reaction I suppose, but in general, it’s not THAT hard to settle a child.

Setting rules and boundaries and enforcing them. Don’t want them resetting your local server, set that boundary and enforce it. No need to disable the reset button, they’ll get sick of the corner soon enough, espiecially waiting in the corner for 5 – 10 minutes while the server and its virtual machines come back online, they fast learn your time is very much not for wasting, and .. despite still having clear access to the reset button, doesn’t reset.

Now, noting the above, some children can be more difficult, but again, anyone who says it’s “hard”, doesn’t seem to have shared in the fun and experience that comes with raising a child. It’s EXCELLENT. Great fun.

I welcome any comment, from anyone, with proven logic, that shows the task of parenting a child are “hard”, “difficult”, and so forth, as some “old farts” might lead others to believe.

It’s not hard, it’s fun.

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