In just one day, massive amounts of progress occurred.

We had the demolition people out to remove all the fibro and eaves, they took a good 5 hours. They did a good job of it, there remains some flakes and the like around the grass – unavoidable with fragile sheeting.

The insulation was put in, that took about 2 hours. If I had thought of how they did it, I probably would have done it myself – the only issue was how to work around power points – you don’t insulate them at all (i.e. you leave a good space in the wall around them with no insulation).

Then the builders put the sarking on in a matter of an hour or so, and tidied up the edges and the like ready for the cladding to arrive later that afternoon.

The same day, we finally get a call back from Nu Energy, and the advice was that it was going to take another month (that is, we’ve waited 120 days, from their quoted 60 – 90 day turnaround time, and they were going to day 150 days). I wasn’t happy with that.

The next day, we get a call from the local contractor ready to book the install in for Wednesday. To me, Nu Energy seem arse about tit. If I had the choice, I’d have gone elsewhere. I remember when we put the deposit in, I was a bit hesitant. I should start listening to myself (some of the time).

It’s raining right now, but if we have a fine day Tuesday, and the builders are ready to rock on cladding the wall, they should be right to proceed on Wednesday with panels on the roof, inverter on the wall. Then we’ll have to get the meter installed.

Yesterday, I had to smash out all the rock work from the gardens (so the builders can actually hammer the Weathertex in place). We trashed all the plants, smashed out much of the rocks, but a lot of it is stuck in place with brick surrounds in the ground as well. So, I finished it off by clearing the affected areas only, then at a later time we’ll clear it all out, level it off, and plant some new plants.

Another decision to make – what plants will we have! My partner is keen on low maintenance, that’s little concern to me, I just don’t want the plants I had to spend a good 30 minutes each ripping out yesterday.

We should focus on those that can survive with little water, but also look OK when they don’t flower.

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