You can lead a horse to water..

.. but getting it to drink, is definitely the most difficult thing.

And I use that same logic in my thinking about another situation. There are only so many times you can go over the basics, and train someone, something, they should already know.

Basic customer service is one thing, troubleshooting and resolving issues is another. I don’t mind training in the technical aspects, but teaching someone to be nice, polite, professional to the clients that call in ? Seriously, that’s just common fucking sense. It’s common knowledge to me, that the person involved has no common sense.

In fact, it’s questionable as to why they bother clocking on each day, when it’s self evident that they have no desire to complete the appointed tasks in the desired manner, to the desired standard (and the standard is a minimum one).

The more troubling thought is that when asked to explain logic behind actions, or the issues they have in resolving an issue, the response is packed with what is loaded bullshit.

I’ve thought about this extensively, and it just doesn’t make sense, how they can be tought the technology, many times, by two different companies to top it off, and still fail in some of the most fundamental ways, years into the same role.

It’s a job requiring the work of the BOFH, a faulty elevator and a few loose floor tiles. Problem would then be solved, guaranteed.

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