Waiting, waiting, waiting..

We are currently waiting on the builder to commence work – he seems to be delayed by a week so far, but we are hopeful of contact in the coming days to finalise some insulation paperwork, and then hopefully in the days following, we’ll see some movement.

I’m annoyed at Nu Energy at the moment. We paid a deposit on a promise of a 60 day install time. This overshot to April, which we found acceptable, because as above, work hasn’t even started on the house yet. But, we were advised we’d have an install in Mid April, with contact of that 2 weeks prior.

We are still waiting on that contact, and my most recent follow ups haven’t taken me anywhere. I’m OK with a bit of a delay, but I want the installer ready to rock after the cladding is done, so we can get our place in the queue for the metering to go ahead.

Whilst we’ve been waiting, I’ve had a few random thoughts, as I always do. Like, we could have done the bathroom instead of recladding, for about 5k. Or put our internal plans into action, for about the same price, but we’d get more use out of that as opposed to the cladding.

I’ve had the meter readings compared for our Solar Hot Water – which shows we’ve used 35kWH over 30 days. Not too bad a result – the rest of the water being provided freely from the sun. I was curious as to whether we would have hot water if we flicked the off peak switch off, but then the discomfort of not having hot water would really get to me – so leaving it on for ~$2.50 a month is a pretty reasonable compromise.

I’m surprised with regard to work lately though, for some reason, the issues that continued to repeat themselves have moved away – it’s incredibly silent.

Many of the complex issues that are coming, are actually issues, so I need to be a tad more careful to not apply the standard rule of reject, then accept to them, else we’ll start annoying some people.

I now need to consider where this new found intelligence was sourced from – the same people (some notable exceptions), are somehow doing things better than before.

Could my chosen stance of reject any and all errors / incompetence with no exceptions have kick started the neurons in the heads of some people and they started thinking? I dunno.

The job over the last week and a bit has gone from the job that I love to hate, to .. getting things done, and finding other tasks to kill the bits of time that aren’t interrupted with ‘what does that mean’..

Time will tell if they run out of the precious fuel that seems to presently be firing on all cylinders.

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