Power Save Results

We haven’t got the bill yet, but being the curious person I am, I must know the full results of all that we have done in the realm of saving power.

So, I started a few days ago, reading the meter to the house.

The readings were rather surprising.

Previously (months ago) I measured and we were sucking around 19kWH a day minimum, and 20/21kWH a day as a maximum (probably washing day).

I did a meter reading one day, then the next day, I came out with a result of 17kWH (taken same time each day).

Then I read the day after, and got a result of 15kWH. Pretty good.

Then I read again today, two days after, and get a result of 17.5kWH a day.

We had the first reading at 147. The day after, 164. The next day read in at 179. Then two days later, we read it at 214.

Maybe the oven was used at some point there, but in the last two days, we averaged 17.5kWH a day, over the entire period, of 4 days, we average 16.75.

The bill has us at 17kWH. So that gives us preliminary results, that giving the server and my machine a rest over the night when its not being used, is saving us a bit.

That’s heaps better than the 21kWH it was hanging roughly around.

Add on our Hot Water in off peak, and you get a realisation of around 26kWH a day.

Under our new conservative measure, we should see a 90 day average of 22kWH a day, which wipes approximately $46 off a 90 day bill.

And it took bugger all time to set that up either. Just simply take advantage of Standby timers on my machine (better than rebooting), and the server shuts itself down and starts itself up using Windows Schedular and a BIOS timer.

I think a new fridge would save us about an additional 2 kWH a day as well (we’d go with one that isn’t frost free, etc, etc, we want food COLD!).

Hopefully the bill reflects my expected results (not this one so much so as the next one, because this isn’t a full period of change (though it has been going for some time)).


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