Happy New Year

It is now January 2008.

Happy New Year to all.

On the broadband scene a lot has changed over the last year, yet the one static object is broadband prices have remained stupidly expensive and poor value for those in regional and rural areas.

Metro users have nothing but praises to sing in their situation, with LSS and ULL prices improving to their benefit.

Regional users still have to wait til 2009 (or near to it) before affordable speeds reach them, and also, 2009 when its likely international capacity will improve.

Telstra has been an argumentative criminal over the last year, taking matters to court in a vexatious manner (Helen Coonan), and also attacking the ACCC in silly ways.

Not to mention the attacks on the government.

And the racism towards Optus.

None the less, broadband will improve over the next year, but not as significantly as it will in 2009, when PIPE hopefully get that cable in the water and give cheaper access to all.

Interesting times ahead in many areas, such as VoIP, with the last year alone seeing much discussion on VoIP.

Oh, and in case you haven’t done it yet, Whirlpool has their broadband survey up for all to start on, it’s located here, so stop reading and start your survey!

Hopefully the results should demonstrate what is already widely known, that broadband prices in metro areas are “ok”, but they could improve with downward pressure between the duopoly over international cable access!

And hopefully 2008 sees much more interest and more competitive violence between ISPs competing hard for our dollar (and not slicing each others throats to get it).

Interesting year ahead, we are just getting started!


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