It’s the holiday season, isn’t it?

Here’s one sure way of knowing it is the jolly (or is it silly) season.

The idiots on the road increase EXPONENTIALLY!

Today, I did a few Ks, we went to the local shopping centre, and collected a few items.

On the way there:
1. The car in front was going slow as. Almost like they were trying to find something.
-Yes, they might have. The roundabout 10Ks down the road.

2. Some idjit talking on their phone was cutting into and out of the wrong side of the road. I was so waiting to slow down for the almost certain accident. He just got lucky!

3. On the way out to go fetch some lunch from Hungry Jacks, we came across and went past a few trucks. Successfully overtaken. I try to avoid it, but then, I was thinking, there’s gotta be a time to take on overtaking a truck. And I did. It worked.

That said, ever gone through a roundabout and not kept to the left or right of the centre line (ie, driven straight over it)?
That’s stupid. If I’m in your blind spot, you might expect your fuel tank to get some damage. It’s stupid. Slow down and take the fkn thing properly.

4. On the way back, the speed limit on the stretch of road is 70. The fool in front was doing 45 – 55. Then again, I’m not sure if the car they were driving was capable of much faster, so I overtook it, and all was smooth, til we got to a 60K zone and saw 2 others doing at least 70 still.

Should probably tell them that 5K makes all the difference between a crushed headlight and a crushed windscreen.
Maybe they’ll find out the hard way.

5. Another sure fire tip it is holiday time. The amount of idiots driving around with HIGH beam on, in well lit streets.

It’s insane.

So, I’ve got a solution to it.

Some halogen globes, and if they try to blind me, they’ll get a good X ray on the way past. Blind them, they might see my point.

Stupid, stupid, stupid people.

Then, on 2 seperate occassions on the way home…

I live near a roundabout, and the road is lane marked, so I must go around the roundabout, then come back in to park.

I proceed to the roundabout, right indicator on.
I proceed through the roundabout after checking it is clear.
I get HALF way around it, still indicating right, and the moron on the other side decides he’ll cut me off and take his left turn there.
Breaking the give way rule (I’m on the FKN roundabout).

Then, tonight, after a visit to a relative, and going back to Woolworths to collect a few other non essential items, we came back, and again, going around the SAME roundabout, with the RIGHT indicator STILL on, I get three quarters around, and the dick on the left ENTERS.

I’m not finished exiting the roundabout, and if I wasn’t on the ball, you’d have some missing doors.

Clearly people can’t wait a fkn second, they’d much rather find their own bodies mangled to some degree.

Idiots. Stupid, stupid people. Smack them around the head a bit, surely.

How on earth do these people survive on the road, doing such stupid things?

I’m LEAVING a roundabout, when I indicate left, signalling my intention to TURN off.

Then again, if I were a police officer, I’d have a field day issuing fines for both, failure to give way on a roundabout, and failure to indicate.

The state government would love me.
But then, a lot of motorists would hate the state government.

Stupid people. Clearly, many of them do not wish to “arrive alive”.

I go out and always intend to arrive alive, and generally drive in such a manner to ensure I can arrive alive.

“Wouldn’t you rather arrive alive?”


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