Online Marketing is crazy!

As I mentioned yesterday’s post, I setup and have established Downtime Web Hosting, and it’s ready to accept customers.

I started marketing it some point earlier, to see what sort of turnaround it’d have with visitor responses, and I have to say, Google Adwords is disappointingly expensive.

You’ll get the idea of what I mean when the cost paid per click is near $8, and those clicks are from ‘visitors’ who either don’t actually read the website, or view the website and walk away without touching the plans.

It doesn’t seem to be delivering the hits that equal customers, and it is a fact I get more interest from my whirlpool profile then I do from Google – and whirlpool don’t charge – though, I’m not actually using it for marketing, rather, just simply as a representative so I can post in the Web Hosting forum still.

I guess there must be some form of optimisation possible to try and get the ads working well for us, but, with giant US hosts paying big bucks for what essentially amounts to 3 seconds of a prospective customers time, it definitely isn’t worth it!

Perhaps it’s something for someone more interested in online marketing. But, the dollars aren’t there for this to pay someone for something that can be done by me, freely, if only I had the knowledge.

I think I’ll start investigating alternative avenues for marketing, to see what stones we can turn over and make some online marketing work.


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