Ladies and Gentleman: Introducing Downtime

I’ve finished the setup of Downtime Web Hosting.

It is a web host I have setup to offer stable hosting in a market where hosts can be unpredictable, and in other cases directly mislead and lie to consumers.

Simply put, I’ve seen bad, I’ve seen so called ‘quality’, I’ve seen ‘business’, and I find that the quality of all those services are in many cases far from what they get described to you as.

I’m not promising the world to anyone, because whilst I maintain a solid environment for webs to be hosted in, the internet at large is not in my direct control – unfortunately.

I do however, and have for some time, been able to host and rather reliably, the websites of someone I’ve known for many years, and in the many months (yep, months, this isn’t an overnight operation), we haven’t had any downtime from poor management.

I have a set plan for this server, it’s to host websites, and give them reliable, yet far from expensive hosting, and give them quality customer support to go with it. At least, I think I offer quality support. Feel free to disagree with me.

I’m waiting for some customers to sign up, but, I have an anti-spam part in me. I simply don’t want to spam everyone, but rather, still want to gather up some customers interested in a non pricey quality web hosting environment. So, I have no plans to spam. I’m now a whirlpool ‘service provider’, and I must say, it’s a little different for the change.

For example, there is a new forum, and my name is now a little more visible, and I have the name of the biz bolded under my name.

Marketing isn’t my strong point, but I do have plans for some marketing to see how it goes!

I know what I am doing when it comes to hosting websites, I have maintained servers hosting websites which had uptime for a full year (gotta love Linux).

I do know our offering in the Australian Hosting market is a little unique, we aren’t trying to bend consumers over for example like some of the so called ‘quality’ hosts, and of course, we aren’t trying to attract the “I must have every last dollar” market, like others who can barely stay online, although, our plans are priced at rates which near reflect that.

With Downtime Web Hosting setup, my time is again a little more available, which is good for OzVoIPStatus, but, I won’t promise anything. We are still pulling the financial strings in closer to try and get ahead, so anything else that can consume some time, and help fund the bills and the like is good, or if Downtime Web Hosting takes off with some marketing, that’ll be even better.

On that note however, I wonder if the name will have a positive effect on marketing, or a negative effect? Will people be interested in the name to see whether there is a joke there, or will people simply not investigate due to the name?

Does name really matter when it comes to marketing, or does it all come down to the service supplied and any word of mouth that is attracted as a result of impressing users?

If you have no users, or first users, how do you get word of mouth from impressing users?

Marketing is a world full of questions to me. I’ll see if I can get some answers and make a real go of it.

Enjoy your Downtime Uptime!

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