Web Design: So difficult to communicate artistic impression!

I’m getting a new design done for Downtime Web Hosting, I think the current site that I did, whilst was intended to be a simple layout, doesn’t have some of those qualities about it that ‘impress’ the viewer.

So, I’m outsourcing that one, to see what we can get back in a creative design.

One of the key issues I am having is trying to express what I am looking for. I’m far from a good person for artistic impression, so I’m probably not the best communicator of what sort of colours, styles, layout that I like.

Generally, I prefer a tableless design, which leaves plenty of screen realestate for the content, the navigation is simple, yet colourful, and the style is clean. I like ‘vibrant’ colours I think. Vibrant. Heh, that’s an interesting word. Google defines it as “colors that are bright and striking” – Yep, that’s what I like. Bright colours.

I’m also a big fan of embossed lettering, and gloss effects. But that said, those might not fit in with the design.

The hard part about communicating this to the designer, is not only is he from a different nation, it’s more the point of he is in a different timezone. So I’m waiting, waiting, waiting for him to get back to me with his proposed designs after describing what I like.

I did get a mock design back recently, and the logo was way off the mark, as was the font, and the structure, BUT, the navigation was getting closer to what I wanted, and it means that he can set about getting that done right.

I suspect with a much more sleek design, we might impress the viewers a bit more and not be paying for marketing, for what resembles a probably poor colour scheme and look. I absolutely suck with graphics. I’m sure I could work at getting better, but the problem there is, that would take a lot of time to go through and learn all the different effects, and how to do many different combinations, and even then, I’m probably no artist anyway, so the effort would still mean I produce poor quality graphics.

We shall see what happens!


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