Netspace Issues Again. They haven’t disappeared yet

I moved a little while ago, sticking with “reliable”, “World Class Customer Service” ISP, Netspace Online Systems. The name says it all, your System, Online. They do live up to that. Fantastically.

The issue they don’t live up to is “World Class Customer Service” (lack thereof).

When I arranged my move on the online system, it highlighted several problems in Netspace’s system. One of which is the “you can’t keep same plan when moving”. Someone in Netspace at a management level assured me very recently that it is solved. That’s great news, no one else will have to put up with the severe issues that I suffered moving in early to mid February.. Or will they?

Not choosing a plan in the system, meant that I got placed on a plan that offers 10GB peak, 10GB off peak. I pay for 20GB Peak, and 20GB off peak, so at this time, I’m shaped with 7GB+ data remaining to be used. The billing system says I’m entitled to 20/20, the usage system also agrees, it’s 20/20. The system that disagrees is the shaping system, shaping us after just 10GB used of our fantastic 20GB plan. It’s dial up speeds, at expensive prices ($2.50+ a day for dial up speeds).

I contacted them (of course!!), about this issue, and the response I got was, it’d be fixed within “a few hours”. I took that as “sweet, its only a little minor problem affecting my weekend, never mind, go watch some TV, or get some coding on OzVoIPStatus done”..

Unfortunately, I was wrong. I didn’t get a call back at all, and nothing changed in the Online “Check Your Usage” area.

I contacted Netspace again, and tried to follow the call up (btw, Netspace, your hold music STILL sucks, what’s with the DTMF tones during the songs?), and the response the poor girl on the other end of the phone had to give me was, “Sorry, your connection is stuffed until Tuesday”. WTF? It’s Saturday. I’ve gotta put up with crappy dial up speeds until.. Tuesday? That’s not acceptable, it’s their stuff up, it should have been fixed when the other problem was highlighted.

I’m not wanting to be a guinea pig with my internet access, sorry. I like a stable connection, plenty of data, value, at a good price point. Netspace are that, but the issue remains that the previous major move, is still stuffed up some 6 weeks after we have moved, (and renovations likely starting on the old property).

I guess Netspace are to some extent lucky I understand the processes involved. Any average Joe would see the issues I’ve experienced and probably have told them where to shove it. I’m not saying Netspace are “evil”, want “evil”, call iiNet. They’ll give you bad experiences every month! I’m saying they are lacking, and that just gives the average Joe more reason to go to Bigpuddle for internet access, because it is without hassle (so the mind would let them believe, then the bill comes).

I’m simply saying, I don’t want to have to call Technical Support on my Saturday, I don’t want to put up with shaping when I’m not over quota. I want affordable internet access, no technical support, reliable, and fast access, supporting my network configuration.

So, the plan would be:

Technical Support: Bin it. I’m far capable then your current support crew anyway, it seems?, and for those that MIGHT need it, bill them. $15 a call if its not a line fault, or the ISP isn’t at fault.
Affordable: Cost + 10%.
Reliable: Netspace are very much reliable.
Fast: Yes, I’ve not had an issue here.
Value: Don’t worry about content, if you find it easier + cheaper to throw data at customers, just do that, otherwise, content like Radio, File mirrors (complete), and so on, or simply, faster speed plans with Free PIPE, that’d keep me happy.

Can it be done, and sustained? Probably. Go ask Exetel. They seem to be able to do it. That’s what we need, another Exetel. Just, don’t repeat everything, or take the same attitude as they (that cost them me as a customer), and no static IPs. Dynamic IPs allow for multiple PPPoE connections, and that is sweet.

Another issue to be highlighted here, is a current Whirlpool post.
This customer was charged for 2 months access, he didn’t receive.

As the legendary “Derwan” has posted (his posts are nearly always good!): They should pinpoint the problem.

Or, do as I suggest, and whip the staff that produce these problems, so that us customers can have regular, trouble free connections. You know, like prior to November 2006 or so. May 2006 onward, where it was.. FAN- TASTIC.

I’m going back to my shaped internet connection, not due to my fault, but due to programmatic issues within the ranks over at Netspace. One day they’ll have it fixed again, but by then, I might chase down better value elsewhere.

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