Effective ISP Advertising

Here’s a simple way for ISPs to increase their customer base..

Imagine advertising a cost / value comparison?

So, the advertisement would play something along the lines of:

Tired of waiting for downloads? Tired of paying too much for “fraudband” ?
We can assist.
For just $40/mth, you get a massive 4000MB of data, yes, that’s right, none of those baby “look at 5 YouTube videos” or “No, you can’t use your computer to interact” plans, and because we care for Australian Broadband so much more, compared to other competitors, we’ll also add in an additional 36000MB for nighttime usage. The speed is at 512kbps, which is double the other ISP’s base plan. Is it reliable? Don’t take our word for it, take a look at the ISP Monitoring Statistics for clear details.
How do we do it? Easy. We care for Australian Broadband, and aren’t interested in milking consumers for their homes.
Sign up today, call … Insert ISP phone number here.

Now, if that’s not a compelling argument for customers, they need to get their heads examined. It suggests this:
1. That the customer will get a just as reliable service.
2. That the customer is getting at least twice the speed of BigPuddle.
3. That the customer is valued.
4. That the customer isn’t getting a puny plan that limits the number of times they can watch YouTube or kids use multimedia aspects of the internet for study (or to learn other fascinations).

I wonder when we’ll see an advertisement like this? It only makes sense to promote a change in the industry pricing schemes, and further encourage uptake of services.

Of course, you don’t want to get overloaded, but the contention ratios with most ISPs is at the very least 10 to 1. So, they could safely chuck 10 customers on, and expand the network for the equivilent of 1 customer.

What flaws are with the advertisement outlined about?

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