HOWTO: Set Dial Tones / DTMF Tones on the Sipura / Linksys devices

Some people seem to have this problem, they push buttons on their handset, and their ATA isn’t registering the tones, on the push button tone system (DTMF). Like Phone Banking for example, or choosing menu options.

The solution is rather simple, and only requires just a few setting changes.

Login to your devices web interface, and click the Line 1 tab (or the line in your device).

Find DTMF Tx Method.
Set this to AVT,
Find the DTMF length, set it to .25.

If this doesn’t work, you are either not using G729 as your codec, or some other issue exists.

Try also:
Set DTMF Tx Method to AVT+INFO or INFO and ensure the length is at least .25 (common Australian setting).
That should cure your tones in near 99% or more of cases. Dial tones should work, if this isn’t the deal, your handset might be sending the tones differently, or yo

The majority of issues with dialling, calling, or tones is generally related to misconfiguration of the device, and of course, with the lack of a manual in front of you, and some huge ranges of options, configuring ATAs isn’t made easy. Heck, the Ring Cadence formula on the devices has little explanation on what it actually means. A big problem for trying to get the rest of users over to voip. I guess that’s the real deal behind Engin’s locked Voice boxes, no upsets with configuring them. Plug, and.. play.

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