Script Kiddies and Development Bugs

Servers Australia was a victim of a 10 year old script kiddie (or the equivilent in brain dead individuals).

The script kiddie spammed the client base of Servers Australia through a bug in the Kayako Support System, sending messages that would lead unsuspecting customers to believe the sender of the messages was Servers Australia themselves.

The attacks are believed to have originated from the same idiot who exploited MSN to contact users on Jared of Servers Australia’s MSN list.

Whilst such exploits aren’t common, they are very much childish, and will eventually see the culprit paying for his actions in a severe way.

Frankly, it’s stupid, and the only reason why he seems to do it is to spam his hosting company, which likely has 0 customers, otherwise he’d be mature enough to not need to attack other web hosts.

The bug on the other hand is likely to cause damage to Servers Australia’s reputation, something I would look at persuing compensation for, from either the developer or the culprit responsible (and if he ever gets to read this, remember, you can proxy all you like, there is always a trail in those proxies, and the logs are not so difficult to obtain).

Remember: you can spam your arse around in prison a bit, while you do the time for criminal offences related to hacking a computer system, and you can afterwards start repaying the civil lawsuit for reputation damages.

Doesn’t seem worth it, unless of course, you fancy Bubba, and enjoy getting paid for taking it.. ?

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