Merry Christmas 2007

As we start to apporach the end of 2007, a few things occurred to me.

1. The year is flying faster than most broadband connections.
2. The next year is going to be more interesting, but not as interesting as the one after.
3. Next year I should be finished my IT studies completely, ready for 2009, the more interesting year.
4. This year I achieved a few good goals, the most recent of which was my licence.
5. The year is one which has been filled with problems, some of which are very tragic.
6. The Australian people are for the most part, caring people, however, the nation still has plenty of crime.
7. The change in government is one which Howard will not forget, but also, the change in government is something that shows Australia’s processes work.

Looking at the last year, I can see a fair bit has happened in many areas of the nation, and it’s always interesting to dig past that, but I can still see a lot of bad news also, perhaps the more notable of the news is the fact that there is increasing reports of child abuse and negligent parenting, in the face of what can only be described as “highlighted stupidity”.

Back to the Merry side of Christmas, Santa will no doubt be speeding through the skys faster than a $15 internet connection, and will also be dropping presents down the chimneys of many houses. Yay.

Thinking more about Christmas however, a few years ago I wrote a peice on an old blog of mine (it’s over at MSN spaces), where I essentially described Christmas as the ‘retail’ time of year. And it is. It really is. But, it also sees a happier time of year. Family gets together, enjoys a good gathering, and buggers off for a year.

Considering this, I must also consider that Family isn’t always at the peak (and in some cases doesn’t find its way back to its peak). I look at the times I previously had with my family and can remember all the neglect and abuse that I suffered to get to where I am now.

Then, I consider a recent situation with the mother in law and simply wonder, why on earth did I ever consider her as a nice person? Some part of me still considers her as such I think. But then I take all the abuse we received over the last few months from her, unprovoked, and consider that its probably no longer worth pushing to repair. That said, we have tried, repeatedly.

Back to it, Christmas time is a time for family. They get together, they share the views of the last year, relatives get to catch up with kids, and everyone sees everyone. It’s amazing, because if you still look at the majority of people, they will no doubt claim Santa doesn’t exist. And yet, Christmas is still not celebrated for any one of its intended meanings, and simply rebadged as a gift giving get together.

And whilst many will be enjoying the happy times with family, I can see one recent story in the media worthy of only a slight mention, is that a 2 year old suffered locked in a car by the parents, due to sleeping. Around Christmas time, you can imagine they will be suffering, a lot, every Christmas will be a constant reminder that the little 2 year old girl won’t be able to play with the gift they had purchased for her.

It sucks really, because the parents failed in their duty of care, they are to some extent, possibly guilty of manslaughter, however, media articles say the DPP don’t plan to bring criminal action against them for negligence or manslaughter. I suppose when you consider that they might suffer year in year out, they paid the ultimate price for their mistake, but when will such issues gather attention so that the stupid people behind these issues actually realise a child needs to be checked on every so often, and not every 2 hours? Or left unattended, ever. A criminal sentence probably will do that, but it would unfairly single out the parents of that 2 year old.

Off such sad news, because the 2 year old certainly deserved a happier christmas then to be heated inside the car.

The Christian side of Christmas (one of its intended meanings) was something I noticed a topic on Whirlpool about, not specifically in Christmas, but rather, young people losing faith in christianity. That’s a probably correct.
I do however recall not so long ago a few people I knew that were into religion.

I think the Christian side of Christmas might still exist. It’s just many people respond to things differently, force it upon them, they’ll rebel. Put it there as an option to be considered, and the success rate might be higher.

I don’t generally have a specific view on the above topic.

We celebrate Christmas however, and so does many Australians, with a BBQ, or dinner between family, a large exchange of gifts, a splurge in alcohol, and a heap of cheers, Christmas, in Australia, seems to share the common place meaning of a family get together.

We see this all over, with many planning to get gifts for family, many planning on what they will do when family arrive, etc.

In fact, there’s not a lot of preparations for when Santa arrives, in my view.

That said, Christmas is a fun time of year. I’m certainly not the grinch, and even though I barely know many of the people at the family Christmas party (my partners family, I don’t really have one), they are all fun, and are great to know.

Kevin Rudd’s advertisement also says it best, when he states that you should drive safe on the road. We really should aim to better the road toll each year, and perhaps the media can get involved there, make it such like a “score to beat” style ad. Beat the 61 score of last year, and you’ve beaten “The Christmas Crash”. Hey, that might work. Better go put a copyright claim on that.

In all seriousness though, there’s no better way to arrive, then alive. Keep that in mind when you are sharing the road with everyone else. Not just at XMAS time either.

Merry Christmas!!


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