Christmas Celebrations

I feel like I have driven 150Ks in just 1 day.

Oh wait. I did!

None the less, the trip today was a safe trip to a nearby location celebrating Christmas with much of the extended family (as is the tradition).

This year however, it is realised more that my little one is growing up. He enjoyed playing and socialising with other members of the celebrations, and had a rather fun day chasing them around, except for some small bruising on his little knee, he was pretty much entertained. He is only 2 and a bit more, yet seems to behave much older, he was playing with a 8 to 10 year old (I still don’t know much of the details about my partners family).

Anyway, it occurred that he was growing up, he was opening his own presents, saying thank you, please, Merry Christmas, and enjoying the day (and night).

I caught up with the Aunty In Law’s Husband, who is somewhat into technology, and we got talking (only generally) about broadband, and we both came to the same conclusion: The government should never privatise public infrastructure. This included power, telephone etc.

The reasoning behind that is, when you have a business at the helm, they want to increase income and returns. The goal of the government on the other hand is not one where profit is paramount, and if there is such a goal, the tax relief is seen anyway. Governments are not run for a profit. And neither should they be.

We plan to celebrate New Years there, but theres no definite confirmation of that.

The older relatives (Grandma), seemed to have also commented on how much my little one has grown, feeding himself, and so forth.

It’s amazing how fast a child can grow, at 2 years he really is very well educated, and is very independant (not that we ever trust in his independance to support himself however).

Which sort of brings me back to a story I only touched on last night, and wanted to come back to again.
The parents of the 2 year old girl who was left in a car for 2 hours, as the parents drove to Fremantle.

I consider the actions of the parents to be somewhat negligent, they had planned to leave the child at HOME for 2 hours by itself.

My little one is pretty good for himself, but under no circumstances is he left unsupervised, with no parents around for 2 hours.

I’m amazed they didn’t take the child with them, even more so however, is my complete disgust at the WA Police and DPP for protecting these parents from the consequences of their actions by not placing criminal charges against them for at least the premeditated neglect of the child. They planned to leave the child at home for 2 hours unsupervised. That alone is plenty to charge them for a crime.

Their failure to do so seems to suggest that WA Police consider themselves above the legal system. They aren’t to decide who has or hasn’t broken the law, they are to act based off facts alone, and the facts in the media suggest at least one offence has been committed, and such an offence needs to be bought before the courts to let a judge and jury decide on the fate.

I don’t believe they deserve jail, they aren’t hardened criminals and jail would serve them harm then good. However, I do believe they should be held accountable for their actions, and that means charging them, getting a plea from them, placing the matter through its due process, and concluding with either a punishment or proven innocence.

Doing nothing, is somewhat giving others a clear cut opening for them to say, well, they didn’t charge these parents for neglect, so I assumed it was legal to do so.

That’s not the message the public needs in the face of several child related deaths in 2007. It needs a strong message sent that the children are to be protected, and parents are to be mindful of their children, accepting responsibilty and piloting the child into a successful future.

Their failure to monitor the child in a 2 hour timeframe is a failure of their responsibility as parents, and falls to criminal neglect.

The solution to the problem is to bring them in front of a court and let the court decide guilt and punishment.

It’s disgusting the fact that they aren’t going to be bringing criminal action against the neglect of the parents involved in that case.

Anyway, enough of that topic. Hopefully the other action required here determines that a criminal charge is required, and they are bought forward to account for their actions.

Christmas day is a great day, one of giving, one of receiving, but more to it, one of family.

Family unfortunately still didn’t seem to get one message however, and tried to use another form of emotional abuse on my partner to get her to play into the problems she is associated with.

The good news is ignorance is bliss, and in doing so, I think the situation can only maintain, if not improve. It’s the desperation that should drive the situation to a better footing then it is on now. But things can never go back to being perfect, simply too much damage is done to be repaired. So, ignorance is equal to increasing desperation, desperation drives a further want for a solution in the other party, the other party calculates that the moves they took, and the actions they did were completely incorrect, and they work on a plan to correct their own actions.

At least, that’s the plan from what I can see. Fuelling a solution by simply ignoring the creator of the problem. Sounds like it might work.

Christmas this year I must say has been a enjoyable Christmas Day. The year is made so much more better in realising the goals acheived, and the family environment that was associated with the day.

I can’t believe we spent the entire day out though. We planned to be back home by around 3 – 4pm. Due to my child’s fantastic behaviour, we didn’t bother to leave until later during the night. A fun day and night.

Merry Christmas.


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