Cruising down the highway, and surfing the net at 173Mbps

.. and much more is likely to be possible in 2010.

This is a little old news (from IT Wire, Thursday), but I thought it was worthy to revisit, mainly because it’s all likely to be second nature to us when 2010 rolls around.

Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) claim they can get 173Mbps off a wireless internet connection.

WiMAX on the other hand, can theoretically handle 1Gbps a second on fixed, and 100Mbps mobile.

That’s pretty good for a no fixed connection style technology (there’s no wire linking you to the remote point).

Does wireless have a future in Australia? Yes.
How dominant is that future? There’s no telling, what we do know however, is that there is certainly a decline in users maintaining a PSTN line.

My source of that is not a public domain source, so I can’t really disclose that, but what I did find out was that an increasing number of users don’t have a home phone and simply rely on mobile phone for communications.

Sort of makes sense these days though, in a society where the person you want to contact could be in the middle of lunch at a Chinese Restaurant, to busy at work onsite in a town 100ks away, through to having some fun at the beach.

Essentially, the mobile phone is looking to become dominant, replacing fixed line telephones in homes (I’ve heard some that say they won’t get connected, and simply use Mobile Phone for calls, due to capped plans, etc).

Where is this demand for FTTN coming from then? I don’t see it coming from users who will use wireless technologies to communicate and get online.

I only see Telstra’s case for it being they can lock competitors away from using ADSL2+ to service customers at the FAIR price.

Phil Burgess said it earlier this year: A Telstra network will be charged at premium prices.

That’s really it. Let’s see how far wireless goes I think. Fixed networking certainly has a stronger, stronger, long, long, long term future over wireless based technologies, sure.

But, the user we know of today will struggle to saturate 100Mbps, let alone 173Mbps or even WiMAX fixed at 1Gbps.

And Telstra wants to charge MORE, for 512kbps under a FTTN arrangment? Who are they kidding? Themselves? I’m not sure they are even seeing how stupid the proposed pricing looks…


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