Christmas Decorating..

Some fool decided to park directly in front of my house on my way back from a celebration tonight. There was a row of cars parked in front of our place, so I couldn’t get a park. Not even in the drive way (I know I should start towing cars for parking there heh).

Anyway, realising we’d have to probably go for a cruise for a bit and wait for the person to move (short of pulling over on the footpath and making some infringement notices, perhaps), we decided we’d go for a trip and discover what some of the local folk are doing for decorating the outside of their houses.

Must say, many don’t bother to put lights up.

Those that do however, certainly do a great job of contributing to Global Warming, and from that, a direct light up of the street and a nice display of Christmas cheer (not having a shot at them for turning them on, Global Warming is more of a “let’s find power elsewhere issue”).

Anyway, here’s some happy snaps taken today, just a selection of the best, and not those who slapped lights together to “hold their roof / tree up”.

Warning: Don’t hang around if you are on either Bigpond, Fraudband or Dial Up. I am NOT resizing these images. If you are with Bigpond, I accept no responsibility for any excess usage charges they may bend you over for.

1st one, perhaps the best I’ve seen:
Christmas Lights 1

Not incredible however, due to the trees shading most of the display from the street:
Christmas Lights 1 - Img 2

This one is slightly dark, but has a good setup around the front of the house:
Christmas Lights 2

The same house as above, this is a setup they had out the front that was playing music as well. Pretty good setup!
Christmas Lights 2 - Img 2

And here’s a close up of it:
Christmas Lights 2 - Img 3

This house here decorated really nicely:
Christmas Lights 3

And makes for a really good “flash off” image (note Santa and the reindeer at the top):
Christmas Lights 3 - Img 2

Another address had a nice big Blue Star highlighting the location (we couldn’t miss it):
Christmas Lights 4

Once we got to the Blue Star though, the presentation wasn’t as GREAT as the others, but a great display none the less (compared to our nothing- too much effort, expensive, renting, etc..)!

And that’s all I have to display HERE. I’m sure dial up users must be disconnected by now, and Bigpond users now onto their 4th Bigpond mortgage replacement payment.


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