It’s Christmas Time…

….so, Merry Christmas.

For those who are going to have one, and aren’t affected by the Chrisco problems, resulting in 30,000 Christmas Hampers being undelivered (yes, I know I’m a bit slow in catching up in the news, well, posting it here anyway).

I’ll be short on this topic, got more I want to catch up on.

Chrisco exists primarily to profit off those who can’t manage money. It’s that simple. If you can’t manage your money over a year to ensure funds are there for Christmas to arrive, you might need to seriously learn budgeting, or see a Financial Panther, I mean Financial Planner.

Sure, they provide a useful service to some members of the community, but overall, with $40 billion in credit card debt, the problems relating to budgeting for christmas lie solely with poor budgeting education, such practices should invarably be tought to youngsters from parents.

I don’t buy Chrisco, they have huge markups on what essentially is a fee for your suckerism and lack of budget skill.

End of Chrisco topic.


Sydney Lawrence paid a visit to my blog today and made a comment about my post attacking Optus for their snatching of the copper network.

I figured that’d be a good Christmas present for Telstra, considering all the negativity that surrounds them, and continues to do so.

Reality is, Telstra plan to charge premium prices for not so premium crap. I can’t simply sit by and let that happen, and I won’t.

But, Telstra has several points in their favour in SOME arguments, such include the ADSL2+ / ADSL regulation. Telstra shouldn’t be regulated for ADSL where competitors have ADSL2+, simple really, let the market sort THAT specific issue out.

Telstra shouldn’t provide Optus ULL lines where Optus have HFC cable simply decaying away. That investment money could be going to support more of the regional folk who are SCREAMING to get away from high Telstra port prices and artificially limited speeds.

End of that topic.

In the news the last two days, there was a topic involving a 41 year old, beaten by a letter box, and hit by a car, in Lisarow.

The tards involved used a letterbox on a metal pole to smack him around the head while he was on his way to work at a factory at 1AM in the morning.

A car pulled up and interupted it, and the morons fled, unfortunately, the 41 year old was hit by a car and lies critically in hospital.

What should these idiots get? Well, first, I hope a good mailbox attached to metal pole, smacked around their heads from their parents, further, left on a road, where they might find themselves severely injured due to a car running them over.

Finally, I expect a lengthy jail sentence handed out to them for what can only be described as a cowardly act. I expect the parents to also have some action bought against them for their lack of supervision of their negligent children.

Such actions are absolutely appaulling and shouldn’t be seen as part of our society. There needs to be a strong message sent to the community that no matter how old you are, if you act like an idiot, and act violently towards others, the system will act as harshly against you.

Let’s not bring the whip in from Singapore, that system is flawed.
Let’s punish people with a letter box around the head, from Australia. Such a punishment fits the crime, with some jail time attached of course.

The attack just seems so unprovoked, with the 41 year old walking to work at a factory at 1AM and getting attacked by delinquent children, with assumably just as irresponsible parents.

Bring both the children and the parents to court, make them explain the actions, and why they shouldn’t cop a letterbox around the head.

End of topic.

In other broadband news, I found this topic recently, titled “It’s Telstra or nobody”.
Have a read:,23739,22956514-3122,00.html
The problem with the topic, in the news, is that Terry McCrann seems to be excessively pushing Telstra’s line, that only Telstra are able to do this.

Let me assure everyone that the government has many plans at its disposal, and don’t require to buy back Telstra to implement such plans.

One plan that can be implemented, assumably, is the Operational Seperation plan.

Through a stronger form of operational seperation, they can force Bigpond to buy from Telstra Wholesale at the same rates as other ISPs do, and Bigpond to be run as an independant ISP, paying its own advertising, backhaul, staffing costs, ie. Run Bigpond completely as an individual business out of its own pockets, but still owned by Telstra.

Then they can force wholesale access open to the network body where there is no other network access available (ie. If you can get ADSL2+, there’s no need to open up network -> wholesale arrangements).

And there are plenty more actions available, heck, if they really wanted to, they could withdraw the $30 billion / $40 billion in tax cuts planned, and simply use that to regain Telstra, split it up, refloat it.

So, I disagree entirely with Terry McCrann’s rather pro-Telstra peice. I question his credibility as well, as he doesn’t seem to have collected thoughts about how Telstra can be dealt with.

In all seriousness however, Telstra aren’t the only one who can do FTTN / FTTH / FTTS. There’s many, many options available. And as with any nation, if you don’t like the laws of doing such business in that nation, take it elsewhere. No one cares.

As for the Telstra is “Australian” argument, let’s just not go there. They are a company owned by shareholders across the planet, are managed by foreigners, and are behaving far from Australian, by trying to SCREW Australians into PREMIUM PRICES for PREMIUM CRAP.

Don’t fall for the spin. The truth is there, Telstra need to play ball, or lose to a competitor, or of course, we get nothing at all.

I doubt there’ll be much dispute from Telstra when strict operational seperation is placed on top of it, they will lose big time if they fight it, simply, no magistrate, no judge, no taxpayer, no politician will support paying more for a service that is of lesser quality and lesser value. It defies common sense.


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