All I want is an electric window..

… and the pain still continues for the hunt for a pink slip for the car.

We are still no closer to fixing the only flaw found with the car, the rear left electric window won’t actually wind down.

The wreckers stuffed us around a few times, and the auto electrician got screwed around as a result.

The auto electrician seems to be unavailable over the last two days, and unavailable to open up.

I’m hoping tomorrow, he will be open and the sign that said it was closed until Tuesday (yet, amazingly, still closed all day Tuesday), will be taken down.

Then, we can get his version of what happens when they fit the part, so we can work out what to do with relation to the broken part, the wreckers remain adament they will not refund on, because the damage isn’t their responsibility.

I’m curious on what he would normally expect, so if the wreckers do have it wrong, then we can try and get a resolution, or continue the fair trading complaint to see if that gets a resolve.

But, the key issue remains, we have not a lot of time to get the car a pink slip issued, so we can register it for a excessively high premium for the next 12 months.

We hopefully should have the window fixed tomorrow, so long as the auto electrician opens so we can get the parts he still is holding onto, so we can go back to the wreckers and get them to fit the window (the only arrangement they will enter into, due to the part being broken and being unable to reach an agreement on who is actually at fault for it’s damaged state).

So, the poor auto electrician loses out, because his time wasn’t actually paid for the times he attempted to fit the part, but we were provided a wrong part, or a faulty part.

And, naturally, because we can’t get them to swing around and refund, getting them to fit the part for nothing is the best we are going to do without losing out $75 on the faulty part.

The wrecker still needs to fix some damage done to the door they fit a lock into, when they tried to pull it apart, and then actually install part of it correctly too.

The new part costs $600. The second hand part, from a good wrecker cost $50. If only we went to the good wrecker first!

Tomorrow, we should see an end to all this window madness, and have a window that works, and a pink slip coming in the days after (as soon as we can get it booked in).


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