The hunt for a screw goes on.

And on, and on.

We are trying to seek the screws involved with our window repair to the car.

The auto electrician (who is a well known person to us, and others), is still away, and isn’t working until next week, it seems, so that’s going to cut it a little too close to rego time (or even past it), and so we need to get this sorted!

We don’t want registration to lapse, because then you can’t (legally) drive the vehicle anywhere until you have it fixed and registered, which would be a royal pain (despite the fact there is absolutely nothing wrong with the car, except the window).

I’m not going to get hopeful about getting it fixed in a hurry anymore, each time I do that, it’s just another day of setbacks!

We sorted out a debt issue with someone recently, it’s a shame for them that we did have to go through the legal process to get them to finally decide paying us back is painless (to the tune of $154 less painless).

Anyway, rather than let them suffer the pain of a Garnishee Order (we could have simply sat on our hands), we decided to do them a big favour, and fast track the instalment order application, so that we wouldn’t have to wait for it to arrive in the post. Luckily for them, we were able to sort it out by going in there ahead of time, and getting them to change their “unreasonable amount” objection, to an agreement (hey, it’s not even 10 litres of fuel the amount they are paying, but any dollar is a reasonable dollar if you have a debt aged this much).

We rushed over there, got it all fixed up for him, so he need not suffer a heavily taxed pay cheque! I have doubts he’d have gone to the lengths we did for us, if the situation was reversed.. To quote the court and another person, “you are much too nice”. It’s a shame they weren’t nice in return, 2 years or so ago.

I’m hoping the auto electrician collects our message to contact us about the screws for the door, so we can get it fitted, and move along with paying the dang registration on the car (naturally, the delay involved in booking for a pink slip is acceptable, it MUST pass next visit though, because there’s no real messing around time in the middle).

Who’d have thought getting a screw would be so hard..


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