ADSL2+ Dropouts improving

For some reason the drop outs we were experiencing nightly on the ADSL2+ service have improved, such that we haven’t had a drop out since 7AM, and before that, it was 6PM the night before.

That looks to be improving, but we won’t have anything definite til tomorrow, after tonight, so that we can see if it drops out overnight still (it didn’t last night).

The other ADSL2+ connection has been dropping out a little as well, nothing significant, like mine as well, but, still dropped out.

It’s at the point where I’m near happy to accept it and keep going on, but if it is improved, then sweet, whatever was done, let’s do it to the other and get two stable lines.

In even better news, I don’t have much left to do in the way of other activity, been pretty quiet, probably half related to chasing down wreckers.

The good news for me is time might be becoming more available, so I can get stuck into my Diploma in IT and try and clear most of it out of the way at some point, but the other half the week is available to spend in other areas, like finishing the development of the Hosting service, and also working towards a better OzVoIPStatus.

I’ve spent today moving the server that we just setup in August to alternative hardware, so that it is only one hard drive operating continuously, and it is in a cooler case, and that system has a P4-D 820 CPU (so it’s dual).

That will allow performance enhancements! The move was relatively painless, which is suprising, most cases when you touch Windows (just ask our car’s rear window), they turn into trouble and require multiple hours of attention (or travel).

This week, we’ll have it fixed and cleared for rego!

I took the oppourtunity the other night to connect the rear speakers directly to the stereo, because it was thought to have an earthing issue or something on the old cables.

Unfortunately, doing this and balancing the speaker to the rear right still produced distorted soft sound at full volume, suggesting that there is perhaps another issue to get looked at.

I’ll bug the auto electrician tomorrow when he fixes the window as to what could be wrong, my main goal is to try and restore the car and remove all known faults with it, so it’s a ‘trouble-free’ car – and it is, it’s the wreckers who aren’t trouble free.

I’d love to get faster ADSL2+ speed, we sync at around 10.5Mbit, it’d be great to get 18Mbit, just to feel that 2MB/sec down, that said, I got a file from at 1.1MB/sec today, reallly fast, and it was a 80MB file, so I was waiting just over 1 minute for it. Very happy!

Overall, I find Exetel a great company. They provide good value services, they sometimes have periods of network slowness, but that’s pretty common with every ISP, and they rarely affect us anyway.

Top notch service, with a very cheap price, they really are a good supplier of services. Their main failed attraction to home users is the high setup charge, which no doubt scares many off, but the benefits of a short contract, and the freedom associated with it, and the fact Exetel have cheap plans mean its a no brainer.

If only the collective masses could see that.


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