ADSL2+ in Gosford, other exchanges to follow

Some while ago, Exetel Communications published an ADSL2+ DSLAM list, from upstream supplier Optus.

That list showed some local exchanges on it (to my amazement!!):

Gosford / Saratoga Jan-07 SRTA NSW
Gosford / Woy Woy Jan-07 WOYY NSW
Gosford/Avoca Beach Dec-06 ABCH NSW
Gosford/Long Jetty Feb-07 LJTY NSW
Gosford/Terrigal Jan-07 TRGL NSW

That was published by a Exetel Forum Staff Member / Forum Moderator on the 4th of July 2006.

It’s now the 23rd of February 2007, and of course, none of those exchanges are in a ADSL2+ retail state.

Let’s Go also publish a list of ADSL2+ DSLAM locations (they also provide services from Optus):
On the Let’s Go list, released on the 9th of February, we form a few conclusions. Gosford is going live either now, or before March 7 (as per a post on the Whirlpool Forums). Exetel currently have Gosford as “Active”. Gosford, in the July 2006 list from Exetel made no mention of “Gosford”.

Exetel published Avoca Beach as being ADSL2+ ready in December 2006.

Let’s Go publish that Avoca Beach is due to be ready in March 2007.

So, based on that information (and Saratoga supposedly ready in January 2007, which is very much near Gosford, is set to go live according to Let’s Go, in April 2007).

The seemingly obvious is a 3 month delay on the July 2006 list.

Therefore, if I’m correct, the exchange timetable looks like:

Gosford / Saratoga April -07 SRTA NSW
Gosford / Woy Woy April -07 WOYY NSW
Gosford/Avoca Beach March -07 ABCH NSW
Gosford/Long Jetty May -07 LJTY NSW
Gosford/Terrigal April -07 TRGL NSW

Hopefully those dates aren’t much off. I think they could be sooner then that, Gosford is apparently live now, Optus DSL customers are being cut over on March 7.

More importantly, I hope I get ADSL2+ on my exchange soon!

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