The Netspace Moving Saga continues

I don’t like sequels, because in a lot of cases, they overdo it, or do something different that makes the original look that MUCH better.

Sometimes sequels are good, and the results turn to be better then expected. Anyway, here is a continuing dilemma that I am having with Netspace right now (see previous post on the matter).

Here is what is currently going on with Netspace:

Here’s why.

I arranged my move after we moved in, due to their policy, which is you have to submit the application online, or by fax. And if you are keeping same number, you need to wait for the number to be moved before you can submit an application. Anyway, I did that.

First, I tested the moving application before I moved, and saw that you can’t keep the same plan. Ouch. So I contacted K, at Netspace, and advised him of this problem, he noted he was aware of this issue, and I had to simply submit the application with any plan, and email them as well stating I want to keep the same plan.

So, I did that. Exactly that, I submitted the move application online, I emailed them no more then 5 minutes after that, via the back up dial up. I began the wait for connection to my 1500 Active Flat Rate to be resumed at the new address. I checked emails everyday waiting for a response stating that they had received my request to stay on the same plan, as K directed me to. Unfortunately, Netspace didn’t respond to any of my 3 follow up emails to confirm they received my request. I only got one email, the auto reply. I didn’t get a response to that email, until near 1 week later.

Exceptional timing, around 3 days later, I got connected, and I had a 512/512 service. Wait.. I have a 1500/256 Active Flat Rate service. Someone stuffed up. K had provisioned the service as 512/512, instead of the requested (and by his instructions) 1500/256 service that I am still contracted for.

Everything was fine, it was just running at 512/512, instead of the 1500/256. So a request was made that they fix the line speed, by submitting a Line Speed Change request to Telstra, which should set things right. They change the speed of the 512/512 service to 1500/256, should only set Netspace out of pocket around $20 dollars, and all will be sweet.

Last night, Netspace had a large outage, lasting from 11PM, through to the early AM hours, and even til 9AM, I wasn’t able to authenticate. I woke this morning, and discovered the line speed at 512/128. What on earth? They couldn’t have stuffed up again, could they? We were still unable to authenticate as well.

Shortly after that, we lost ADSL Line Sync. Leaving us back on the painful dial up service.

So, we are now left with no ADSL, after having ADSL for 1 week, and still waiting for them to get the move submitted correctly (apparently, this was done yesterday).

The call this morning with S, showed that Netspace was all too willing to blame Telstra for Netspace’s stuff up, the actual issue lies completely with K, and prior to that, The web programmer for not allowing customers to keep existing plans when he / she designed the monstrous moving application. No offence M.

All I want is my net connected, receiving the service I pay for. I’m all too happy to now escalate this to a TIO complaint, since they don’t seem to be able to get things done RIGHT.

Here is a point to note, It costs them $20 to change line speed (some cases free), it costs them at least $60.00 to terminate a connected service within 6 months. It costs them at least $90.00 to arrange a relocation of a service (that is now, no longer connected). It costs them around $100 or more to connect a new service.

Personally, I’d have let the service go ahead, and simply change line speed, thus saving no downtime, and avoiding the costs. They did afterall know I was connected, considering that I knew the line speed was stuffed up. Why take the long way about it? What if they have no ports left for the new connection order? What then?

Stupidity at its finest.

I’m very annoyed with all this. I’ve got a server to get back online, I’ve got web developments pending and waiting completion. I can’t do any of that with assclowns running the ship. I can’t really churn either, because their contract policy means that leaving sees you paying for a service you don’t receive. I can’t build a business around a loss.

I just hope for Netspace’s sake, that they avoid the TIO complaint that I am pushing to put through, and they get this matter SORTED. Very fast running out of patience with all the issues with them lately.

Notice, this was edited, I had actually had names of members of Netspace staff originally posted, and this wasn’t realised until recently. The names have been removed. But the matter itself remains unresolved.

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