Happy Birthday to me!!

It was my birthday today, and it was great.

I got spoiled ;).

The presents consisted of many new additions:

2x 17″ LCD monitors!

I’m happy with that 🙂 It’s fan-bloody-tastic.

I’ve changed resolution to 1280×1024, and its great. I did run that before on 17″ CRT’s, however, it became more of an eye sore rather than enhancement, and my monitors made a whining noise.

I wish I could solve an issue with my KVM however, when I swap between server and desktop, I get a flickery effect on my screen. That issue was traced back to the refresh rates being different, however, with the LCD’s, its doing the same thing, even at the same resolution. New video card coming tomorrow should solve that, meaning I can:

1. Run both monitors
2. Run out to the TV
3. All of the above

Without changing a single setting, which is fantastic (And will solve the swapping between monitors issue, where Ultramon (its a second startbar, fantastic program), would forget where my windows are.. And that’s a pain in the arse. Whirlpool for example, has a set position for me. I go to it when I want whirlpool. I have a spot for Dreamweaver, I go to it when I wanna code. I have my IE window, and I go to it.. for IE. I know where they are.. Just like I know where the keys are on my keyboard..

Anyway, so that’s that problem solved, and LCD’s “rock”. They are so much easier to look at. So much more… smoother.. then the CRTs. Probably cheaper on the power bill, that I have waged war against, and have bought down from a whopping… $600.00 as at April 2006, to .. a calm 19/20kWH from preliminary monitoring here (that equates to around $187.38ex GST, and Energy Australia’s SAC charges, and what not..), and could be dropping further with the LCD’s!

On the power debate… Solar Hot Water.. Every house should have it. We had it a while back, and it was great. Though, the power bill was still very expensive, at $600 – they tend to do that when you have a CPU running at 100%, as a result of forgetting to move next in a recordset .. D’oh (I left it for months like that). Expensive bug, I probably won’t forget to movenext, next time.

Back to my birthday, it’s been a pretty good birthday, nothing outrageous, no Munnalitta (sorry, I just don’t think she can make it as a stripper), and no hassles at all.

And this is a pretty blank entry, but.. Happy 21st to me :).

Oh, read Whirlpool too people, iiNet slams Telstra again, with a whopping big reduction in ADSL2+ cutover prices: The drop is from $99 per cutover to $1500 for 50 cutovers, and $30 per cutover after that.. Basically reducing an average 200 customer cutover from: $19,800 to $6,000. The issue, as stated on Whirlpool, is that they have a large percentage of cutovers done now… The decision is a little late.. But could be good to see them spend some cash regionally, hint, hint, nudge, nudge..
Simon Hackett mentioned a figure in the $30,000’s a fair while ago. No bulk discount for cutovers. This issue is likely to provoke more anger within Telstra, as shareholder profits are moving towards their destiny, down to all time lows, until Management gets a kick in the teeth and owns up to its rorts that it puts competition and Australian voting consumers too. Telstra, I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, we vote our government in, we choose who makes the decisions that you don’t seem to agree with, the Australian public is therefore correct, and wants to see Telstra regulated to the bone, til they shape up and start offering fair telecommunication and broadband pricing to competitors and consumers. You’ll learn soon enough.

Read the full story here: http://whirlpool.net.au/article.cfm/1709.

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