What is the future of the ‘traffic jam’?

There’s one issue I’ve throughout my life never really experienced ongoing, and that is a large traffic jam, like those common in capital city areas – for example, the congestion in Sydney roads.

I work from home, so I don’t have to drive my car to work and back each day, losing approximately 3 hours of personal time in the process.

Not everyone is so capable of doing such a task (and it’s not without negatives), however, I then look at the situation that might be, the congested roads into Sydney. What is the sustainable solution to that?

Obviously we can’t keep piling cars on the road, and there’s only so many more band-aid lanes that can be patched on before you really can’t make the lanes any smaller.

Public Transport. That’s the sustainable solution to this, perhaps. There’s a carrying capacity to a train however, and only so many buses can fit in one space at any one time.

It must be the case then, that more of the tasks currently taken up by humans travelling that daily grind into the city, are in fact tasks they can do remotely, or tasks that don’t require them at all.

But, we can’t just sack a large percentage of people, else the financial system would collapse. And I’m sure the RTA depends on a large percentage of those cars being registered, and BP/Mobil/Shell/Caltex all require that precious fuel income, else they’ll have to drop the price of fuel  – right? (or so the story of supply and demand goes).

And if we did manage to find a solution to all those issues, what to do with all the vacant office chairs, PCs, and office space in the city that would be largely unused? All those people, who use work for social purposes, etc. will need new places to gather.

I’ve just reminded myself why I enjoy working at home.

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