Pest Free!

We managed to sort out the issue with the caterpillars – garlic spray.

A mixture of vegetable oil, garlic and water did the trick nicely, the caterpillars don’t like it one bit, so that should save the cabbage, tomatoes, and lettuce from the feasting.

The next issue dealt with yesterday was the rainwater tank performance problem – as I suspected, it was the hose fitting used that had one of those ‘auto’ stop valves used to cut off water flow when the fitting is taken out. I didn’t check, we lost what appears to have been about 750L because of it. The other tank showed that it overflowed, one corner of the collapsible tank had water overflowing out the zip on it.

We then spent some time shifting about 25% of the overfull tank to the not so full tank to allow for what was supposed to be rain last night, it didn’t happen – but it’s supposed to happen tonight and tomorrow (unfortunately, during the day).

Today, we spent some time moving over some Marigolds, a companion flower for tomato plants. Our Zucchini plants are flowering, and growing – they seem to be a massive plant – our 3 x 1 beds would be better off if they only had 3 in them – the downside to that is nothing else would comfortably grow in that space! It might be the case we look at alternative plants to Zucchini which allow for more plants, Zucchini isn’t a bad plant, because it seems you’ll get about 10 off each plant, but the space they take up might be better with carrots for example.

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