What colour is the Australian $20 note?

Looking at a $20 note recently, the question came at hand, what colour is it?

A few different responses were given.

1: Red
2: Orange
3: Pink

Obviously, Pink is wrong, we knew that much, but as to it being Orange or Red, I was pretty sure a $20 bill is orange.

My partner didn’t seem to agree with me, backing red all the way (I’m sure she’d have put $20 on it ;)).

So, it came to be a task for Google, and what an interesting information can be found by simply looking at google for a $20 note.

I wanted to find the colour, but ended up at the RBA (Reserve Bank) site, and it didn’t tell us anything at all about the colour of the note (though it did feature an image of it).

I was considering getting the printer up and running and printing a few copies of it and see what colours the printer chose to use to determine the colour of the note, but then considered that it’d only be a short step after there to cutting them out and turning them into official currency, so decided against that.

Then, my partner came across a wikipedia article, and sure enough, as $20 would have it, she was right, the note is actually a distinct red (according to wikipedia, we all know how they aren’t colourblind right?).

I always assumed they were orange, they simply have a more orange look to them to me, then red. Sure, it’s not the yellow kind of orange, but, an orange.

In other, unrelated, and completely different news, I was looking at someones ADSL connection today, and it didn’t seem to want to sync up stable. It would have the attempts at syncing, but just wouldn’t qualify those with a stable setup.

I concluded it must have been the long cable they were running, but, that obviously is wrong. So, the next step was to isolate what else could be causing it, so finding another socket, same thing.

What didn’t seem to make sense though is no matter where it was tried, it’d have the same behaviour.

This isn’t completely sorted yet, but it seems like the previous owner of the property has had broadband before, and has had a central splitter installed, and that’s part of the reason for this dodgy behaviour.

The problem is, the central splitter seems to have cables cut from it and so forth, which suggests that there is some damage done to his line.

That doesn’t sound too promising, but hopefully won’t be too bad to get fixed up.

But, on the trip back home, it literally poured down in buckets.

Good news seems to be happening this week however, with a few things finishing up, a long running dispute seems to be nearing an end and getting resolved, which is good.

And, a debt that was owed over a long time, seems to be making progress and is actually progressing to getting settled (despite being done in not so friendly way – no, I don’t have mafia links).

It’s always good to see progress on some issues that are long running and so complicated, yet so simple to sort out, but when they do get sorted, they are generally fixed up.


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