Telstra’s request for OPEL information

I understand Conroy doesn’t exactly want to be the target of a lawsuit, even if it is vexatious, and he has already committed to sharing information about the OPEL decision with Telstra.

So, what I am wondering is, what about commercial in confidence information?

It would be a severe breach of many privacy laws to release information that was shared, which is commercial in confidence, so I assume OPEL must be given the oppourtunity here to ensure no such information is released to Telstra (or anyone).

I think the best Telstra should get in regards to the decision making process, is all the information that is relevant as to why Telstra’s proposal was not chosen.

That’s really all that matters to them as a whole anyway. Everything else is none of their business, and so, should not be exposed to prying eyes.

Proposed coverage information, and where services will be offered would be great public information however, and so, if OPEL was willing, I’d like to see this information shared among the masses.

I’d also like to see more about proposed services, and how they will plan to work, obviously the spectrum change will mean that OPEL should have revised technology (and larger coverage areas).

I would be keen to see more about typical results as well from testing, to determine the speeds possible at all lengths of the network in a typical environment.

But, all my interest in that information is quickly put aside in ensuring that there should be no release of information that might give Telstra an advantage to destroy the purpose of the program, which is funding more competition in regional and rural areas.

So, hopefully, we can still count on vital information being protected, or even better, Telstra being told to sod off and mind their own business (it is indeed no concern of Telstra’s anyway).

Oh, unless Telstra are threatened by the presence of OPEL? Will they actually admit that they have been pickpocketing regional consumers for years? Doubt it.


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