What a fun day!

This morning I woke up intent on a lot more progress with my work on a server.

And, it happened. I set out to complete something, and for the most part, it is completed.

I started today from yesterday, working on fattening a linux partition.

The process was pretty much where my thoughts were yesterday.

dd the drive (so dd /dev/hda to /dev/hdb), then remove /dev/hda, leaving only /dev/hdb (as /dev/hda).

I played around with fdisk and parted to resize the partition, but had no joy.

I googled at this point really quickly, and came across a blog post which suggested using resize2fs, to get the volume resized.

The problem for me was the virtual disk, which has a capacity limit beyond the bounds of actual disk space.

So, I resorted to trying to specify a limit, but gave up waiting after a while, and killed the command.

Rebooted it (hey, it’s a virtual box, worst case scenario, insert rescue disk, salvage any valued data, and insert rescue ISO).

Then, as the system came back, it complained about fsck (heh, that looks like an interesting command, considering the damage it is capable of), and so, I ran it. Answered yes to everything (like I care what inodes are worthy of bashing), so I then got back in the system.

And, ran a ‘df’, and what do you know, it’s gone and given us stacks of space. Exactly what I wanted.

Now, you know why I had to do this? Of course not.
I had to issue a yum upgrade to upgrade software on the box.
The yum upgrade seemed to suggest it had to have 30GB of disk space for 200Mb of downloaded packages.

You and I, and the world knows that it’s full of ‘it suggesting it can pull 30GB out of 200Mb.
But, none the less, I perservered and we came to a success!

Then, I got on with the rest of what I wanted to do yesterday. Install various software services, and get the system up.
Oh, and Elastix developers, I commend you for your creativity, but, alas, poor managed dependancies are enough  to drive me nuts. No longer shall I bother with any of the Trixbox, Elastix, FreePBX style distros. Plain and simple waste of time.

You want the job done, format, install raw CentOS. Get the packages from digium. Smack those on (that’s right, compile the suckers), and configure it manually.

It works as expected, it does all that you tell it to. And it doesn’t screw around with kernel dependancies, installing the xen kernel, or oslec modules, or zaptel where its not wanted.

It gives you exactly what you tell it to, without all the stuff around. You want a system that works, you definitely want to get rid of the slapped together distros (no offence to the Elastix crew, they are leaps ahead of Trixbox!), and do the configuration directly.

Anyway, moving on, the rest of the day was filled with migrating, DNS checking, and so forth.

Now, I just need to set about finding myself a few larger SCSI drives! Any offers? 73GB+, leave a comment.


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