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There is finally a new news item on OzVoIPStatus.

Yes, it only took me 7 months, though, that’s nothing due to no maintenance on that site at all, it’s more of a, I don’t enjoy sitting there typing an entry into a database. I have plans to resolve that, bring on the new admin system after the new site is released.

That said, we have a new year. Which means one thing. OzVoIPStatus has data comprising 2006 to 2008 of VoIP provider monitoring.

That’s right, we have a full year of VoIP monitoring data to pick at!

I plan to put a 2007 page up hopefully soon, which goes through what the data there shows.

Simply though, I totalled up all the seconds of downtime for 2007 for all providers. Divided by 79 (the number of providers with downtime registered during 2007), and then got an amazing number.

That number is influenced by large AstraTel and SpanTalk outages however, which means that it’s not exactly friendly.

I don’t want to reset the global stats on all pages at each year, so I won’t. Instead, I’ll take snapshot data and have that ready, and allow for new year data.

If that works out well, we might dwell into a monthly type query setup where you can get snapshots of a month data, though that’s not going to happen quickly (like, it’s heaps away).

Anyway, back to where I was, the magic number. It’s 574,261.02. That’s the averaged number of seconds of downtime over the 2007 year across all providers.

Yeh, it doesn’t look realistic, I know. It’s like 1 solid week of downtime. I’ll do another query with AstraTel and Spantalk out after I figure out the IDs another day.

I’m also considering putting up a stats page for the year, showing longest outage, shortest outage, year averaged latency, and average uptime (and percentage).

That’ll be a bit useful. Then I’ll cap it with best and worst rated providers.

That said, all that needs to come after I get my new layout, design, admin system, features live, so that I can maintain it easily, and give users a better experience.

I’ve also recently relocated the website to a new point, and it is certainly performing well there.


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