We have Windows!

No, I didn’t just rush out in a last minute rush to buy Windows – Ubuntu can be annoying, but it *works*.

Our new windows arrived, and so we are inching closer to the builder booting up, clicking his start button, clicking Run, and executing the required task. However, as of today, his startup is delayed due to a large swap file waiting compression, which creates a few days to a week delay.

As I looked at the windows this afternoon, I was reminded of the very weight that a bit of glass and aluminium can get to – we have some relatively small looking windows – yet they weigh about 3 times as you’d expect.

I was thinking double glazing too, for temperature purposes, but we are insulating instead. The bathroom renovation will allow access to the ceiling, making insulating the ceiling more possible.

The windows seem larger than I would have thought, but then the current windows open ‘upwards’, so the new windows give that impression.

We got them done in Primrose, as the colours currently planned for the exterior are Classic Cream (or another variant) for the cladding, and we already have Colorbond Deep Ocean on the roof. We’ll be painting the fascia the same colour to match.

The front door came into consideration today too – we could paint it the same colour as the roof, so it stands out amongst the cladding, or paint it the same colour as the cladding – but that’d look a bit ‘plain’.

I’m looking forward to ripping up the front gardens though and putting in some new plants there, and across the fence at the front, hedges come to mind, but I might not go there. That’s a fair way out though, so we’ll cross that bit later.

Fencing. We have a chain link, post fence at the front, down the side is a timber fence rotted over with the granny flat wall providing some support to it (I think our noisy townhouse neighbours backed into it once, in a drunken trip to the pub… )

We wanted to put in Colorbond (… why is it we immediately thought Colorbond for fencing.. ), but recently it appears the owner of the townhouses might be doing something – hard to say yet, we haven’t been told, haven’t told them anything either.

Across the front, I want to put something better up – the hedge could act as a fence, but I think we’ll put something across there – when it works. Or, as I suggested previously, build a reinforced concrete wall – no one gets in or out.

Nu Energy should be contacting us soon to get the work beginning on the solar system, assuming we haven’t become a victim of the industry standard delays that you see are all too common on Whirlpool when you buy from such a company. We aren’t in a ready state anyway.

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