Resignation time?

I got sick of it recently, tired of the incompetence, tired of the repetitive screw ups. Sick of issues that aren’t my problem, tired of management doing nothing to fix the errors. Tired of the accounts department. Developers who should know better.

I got so tired of it, that I recently concluded to list issues, along with the finishing line, “Take this job and shove it”.

That fixes all those issues, the day to day problems, and leaves just one remaining issue to resolve – How do we feed the kids on $0? There’s a few ideas there, that could vary between claiming World Vision sponsorship, and joining a life of organised crime.

Then there is the house to pay off. Squatting would do that nicely, we were thinking of a new fence out the front, we’ll just have to budget for 10ft reinforced steel, and thickness of 20cm.  With no gates. That doesn’t fix the ability of an aerial attack, but then, it’s only squatting, they couldn’t want access that badly.

Or, I could look at alternative opportunities, but another job would still mean, getting along with others – pretty sure I don’t play nice with others (the last 12 months has tought me that). So, we are left with opportunities that don’t involve others – or at least, playing with others. I’m yet to see what that could mean.

I know I’m not interested in a traffic jam, so that rules out anything that is standard hours.

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