Virtual Disk Space fixed!

I fixed my virtual hard drive . Now has a brillant (yet imaginary) 116GB of Free Space. Fantastic.

The fix was to simply run resize2fs with it mounted in read/write mode, I kept assuming it’d need them not mounted, so was trying to resize it, when it wasn’t existing.

I got some sweet speeds on the Exetel mirror today too, leeching CentOS 5 ISO (650MB) in just 12Mins  (around 998KB/sec).

The line drop out situation isn’t improving however, and I’m not certain I want to drop the speed profile down to the ADSL2 or ADSL1 mode for the sake of making the connection stay up more. A drop out every 24 hours or so is OK, sure, its better to have none, but, well, that’s not gonna happen sometime soon, here’s why.

A news article today reveals Telstra technicians have resorted to taping cables together with plastic bags to keep them dry, due to staff shortages resulting from the sacking of 12,000 Telstra employees (says the union).

So, what will happen when the plastic bags cop a good dose of lightning, and end up welded to the copper wire (or welding copper wires together). Will Telstra accept responsibility for the crossed wires and pay compensation due to breach of privacy on some mass scale (all those copper wires being welded together by lightning would result in much a case of people listening to other peoples conversations).

Who knows…  What will be the result of all this plastic bag repair work? What happens when the destruction comes too much to bear and the copper cables start requiring full replacement?

Or, is this some elaborate plan to derail the PSTN network to make FTTN a near requirement?

I found the news story amazing, at the same time disturbing, shouldn’t they have their cabling licenses removed for doing unsatisfactory work (surely, plastic bag repairs aren’t AUSTEL certified).

It’s a good thing we don’t live in Sydney though, where most of this seems to be the problem!

As per usual though, it pays to keep a second service (mobile phone) on standby incase of phone line issues, etc.

The Virtual Server issue being fixed meant that I could proceed to getting the next task on the list done,  updating it, which went through nicely, and allowed me to do something else, get asterisk running on it – yes, probably heaps quicker to setup a second VM, but I wanted one machine for many reasons, server load is one.

Our juice bill came today, and it was a good result, with the bill dropping on average 4KWH/day.

We just removed our off peak hot water systems equivilent load from the bill, and after todays measurement, looks like it could be dipping down some more with the new washing machine in place (larger washer, but less loads needed to meet demand).

I’m happy with the results, and hopefully we can see a natural progression in the drop for another bill, before we might either dip to the bottom, or find new ways to reduce consumption even further.

It’s good at least, that we have removed the equivilent of a hot water system from our bill. For the savings, we could be running 2 split system air conditioners (or, keep the savings).


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