More ADSL2 drop outs!

I’ve been watching closely (or is that casually) to try and find the source of many of my drop outs and see if I can isolate it, or do something to slow them or stop them.

Unfortunately, they continue to happen.

Tonight, at around midnight, it dropped out, and came back later, and dropped out. So I thought OK, maybe its just the fast, fast speed that is the cause of it, so I figure, we’ll take it off ADSL2+ and put it on ADSL2.

That syncs at around 9Mbit, which is OK if it can hold it, and I was sure that we’d be able to get some great reliability from it.

That theory proved wrong, the last drop out not so long ago confirmed.

The pattern so far seems to have been late at night, with not many problems during the day, but I really want to try and get this solid if I can to maintain sync speed, and stop from dropping out (not that it affects us in the middle of the night, but still a royal pain if it happens during the day).

So, after the drop out before, I’ve locked it down to G.DMT, which means we cop a bit of a drop in upload from 812 to 750, but if its stable, it can stay there.

Our sync speed drops even further from 9Mbit on ADSL2, down to 8064 on ADSL1 (the fast it can go generally).

If the drop outs continue in ADSL1 mode, the next best thing might be to either log a fault and see if they can do anything to isolate and make it better for us, or, go with plan B and lock it down to ADSL1 at the ADSL port.

Naturally, we have the other option, which is relocate away from the crappy line, onto another line (ie. change address), but we can’t do that for 12 months at least (which might raise a newer, ports not available issue).

I’m hoping it stops the drop outs in ADSL1 mode, I really like the flexibility of being able to change it to ADSL2+ if we want the extra speed, and back down to ADSL1 if we want stability, although would much rather stable ADSL2+.

It could simply be our Billion modem is too aggressive for the line we have, and that’s causing it, or perhaps the copper needs a bit of a checkover and Telstra can spend some of those ‘line maintenance’ dollars on actual line maintenance.

We’ll soon find out I suppose. Most drop outs have been happening in the 2am – 3am or so area, so, they don’t affect us normally, but finding the issue and getting that fixed would be ideal.

The cheaper plan, the faster speeds are definitely worth it however.


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