VDSL2+ – How will it perform?

Eftel, an Australian ISP plans to roll out VDSL2+ MSANs to select exchanges.

VDSL2+ doesn’t really seem to have a place however for home users, because the performance from the internet isn’t likely to reach the speeds capable of VDSL2+ connections.

Further, worser than ADSL2+, VDSL2+ will drop speed faster than ADSL2+ technology due to the higher frequencies used.

It does however have a place in city centres for example, where many businesses might be able to take advantage of the technology to deliver faster speeds, to their business, or multiuser environments, for example, internet cafes, where multiple users might be on at the same time, accessing high bandwidth resources, like BoobTube, the video sharing site.

It allows connection to such type of businesses that wouldn’t find it economically viable to install ethernet connections for example, or where the only input is the phone line.

WiMAX still has a clear advantage over VDSL2+, going faster, I believe at 100Mbps, and dropping off further from the base station (with range in the area of 30kM or more),  so it offers faster speeds at longer coverage – though the technology is still in development.

If FTTN were to proceed, I imagine the wise network builder would put in VDSL2+ to make the right move ahead of time, otherwise they’d find themselves upgrading equipment in years later.

Eftel are playing the waiting game at the moment, waiting on the technology to be ratified, before proceeding with deployment.

It’ll be interesting to see the progress in that arena over the next two years, this year alone should see progress, next year, we will hopefully see rapid deployment, coinciding with the PIPE international cable launch, and possibly FTTN as well.


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