Buzz Cheap Network performed Cheaply

A Buzz Broadband CEO recently stated that WiMAX was a ‘disaster’ and it suffered from high latency, and other issues.

He also made comment over the coverage of WiMAX, saying the coverage was non existent indoor at just 2kM.

Airspan, the supplier had followed up the comments made by Garth Freeman, stating reasons such as poor backhaul, lack of QoS, and the company choosing ‘cheaper’ options to cut costs, and cut performance.

I know if I spend $20 on a product, I expect a $20 job out of it. The same reason, if I spent $500, I expect a $500 job from it. I expect to be able to look at it, and decide, yep, that was worth $20.

Naturally, the more I spend, the better the quality of a product or service that would be received, so if you want top notch, pay more sort of runs rampant throughout many industries, one which to not believe such, is web hosting, which can be very deceitful. But that’s another topic.

Buzz complaining seems to stem from their desire to get WiMAX, but make sure they don’t pay the correct premium for WiMAX, so, when the service performs poorly, rather than look through and decide, OK, Internode have good results, we have bad, they are using outdoor technology, we are using indoor, he simply thought – let’s go bash the technology, screw the supplier and move on.

Sure, if there are issues with something, go back to the supplier, don’t go ripping into it in public, customers generally take matters to the TIO when things aren’t working out, Buzz, decided instead of spending the required money to bring the network up to speed, they would just whinge and whine.

Not a smart move, and not a good way of getting a positive view from customers, bagging out a technology when there own cost cutting seems to be the blame.

Airspan naturally have a technology, company name, and reputation to protect from Buzz’s complaint, so the responses are all about damage control, Internode, much the same, they have customers to bring on to a WiMAX network, they are seeking to cover their asses, but that said, they wouldn’t be resorting to mistruths, like it would seem Buzz has.

I don’t get a full 24Mbit service. Do I blame the DSLAM? Do I blame the space the exchange is hosted in? Do I blame the DSL technology, or do I blame the distance where I am, and the quality of the copper wire to provide the service?

Perhaps if Buzz looked at it that way, they might see blaming the technology is pointless if it is all about the quality of the equipment used in the technology deployed, or the quality of the network that drives it.

WiMAX, isn’t the blame, the cheap arse ISP is.


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