The window is closing..

… and opening on our car now.

At long last, we can finally open and close the window on the car.

The fix came today, as we were able to track down the auto electrician back at the workshop, and collect the items.

Poor bugger has been really sick, and has had us chasing him down for the last few days trying to get our hands on the parts required to put the window back in place. Didn’t really enjoy pestering, but when you have a deadline hanging over, you gotta meet it.

The whole 3 weeks taken for this, and the entire problem could have been fixed in just one day, that is, if we didn’t go to the wrecker which gave us the wrong part in the first place, and then a broken part secondly, and instead, we went to the wrecker where we got the current part from, at an even cheaper price, and took it back to the auto electrician, it’d have been finished in the one or two days.

Really annoying. That said though, getting the pink slip after all this time was easily done by taking the vehicle back to the same place (I made specific appointments with the wrecker to repair, and the workshop to do the pink slip yesterday, so there was absolutely nothing stopping us, assuming we got the items we needed).

We then thought, we better go pay the registration on it, just in case something else cops up in the way, and prevents registration.

Nope, all sorted. The car is registered for another year.

Though, ever get the feeling when you pay for something, that it’s extremely poor value, or that you aren’t getting your money’s worth?

Well, that’s what I describe registration payments as in NSW. I’d take some pictures of some of the piss poor road conditions, but, a not too far away from here, is Somersby, and I’m sure many people remember the coverage of the giant gaping hole that was supposed to be a road.

That’s what I mean by not getting our money worth, locally, there is a large bump to one side of the road, where it looks like they’ve repaired the road by fill, but, it’s just been built up excessively to form a large lip on the area where it’s repaired. I’d love to get a photo, but it’s not somewhere I’d stop.

Add to the list the number of potholes that crop up and aren’t repaired, and even reports that a road lifts when driven on (no kidding), and the lack of strong maintenance, and there’s good reason to be annoyed at paying so much as $1 for registration.

They collect registration AND fines, yet, those dollars aren’t fixing our roads.

Reading whirlpool about how much of a disgrace the Iemma government is, I have to agree, NSW is a crap state, it’s in need of a overhaul at many levels, the first of which is the state government, we need someone who knows what they are doing, someone strong, and proven, someone like… John Howard.

Stick someone else in (get rid of NSW Labor), and then see if there’s a bit of fight put in place to try and campaign for votes, and we, those who have to suffer with the piss poor state, get to see something better done.

Queensland just continually looks more and more attractive all the time, family aspects however generally influence the decision to stay in NSW though.

I’d just like to see something done with roads, rail, schools and health for the state. There’s no real way everyone is doomed to put up with this ‘crap’, there are things that can be done, surely.

Anyway, we have paid the hard dollars for what amounts to near garbage (registration), so, maybe this time they’ll do something for the roads to fix them up a little more.

There’s a lot of people in NSW, a lot paying registration fees, yet, the roads are some of the poorest in the country. It just doesn’t really add up, extra money should equal better roads, not fatter politicians.


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