How To Register a Car in 20 Days

So far, we have been trying to get an issue fixed with the car that has taken 20 days to try and get sorted out.

The only issue with the car itself is the back window doesn’t actually work (electric windows), we planned on getting it fixed, but, we seem unable to get a pink slip, because according to RTA rules, the car needs all windows operational to be deemed ‘roadworthy’.

Stuck waiting for the auto electrician to come back to work, we decided to instead track him down, and unfortunately, he seems to have been very, very sick for the last week or more. Sad to hear, but also, sucks for us, because the required screws and other parts to get the door back together aren’t accessible, because his workshop is locked up, and he is at home sick, and doesn’t seem able to get out and about enough to get the items from the workshop so we can get it fixed.

Yep, don’t leave items with the repairer, he might just get very sick, and unable to complete the work in time.

So, anyway, today we contacted him, as he was supposed to be in work today, but, we called around there, and the workshop remains locked up. We gave him a call, and discovered he was too sick to open the shop, so commited to dropping the items into a friends place, but, that doesn’t seem to have happened (I’m thinking too sick, or he has tried, but the friend wasn’t home at the time, or something like that).

Anyway, entering the third week of trying to get this window fixed, and I figure, this really needs to be sorted rightaway, so I’ll see what we come up with tomorrow, and if all else fails, we must start to find alternative parts to get the car back together, so it can be passed for it’s pink slip (and after our previous dealings with wreckers, I’m not sure I am wanting to source an alternative anything really).

The actual process of renewing rego should take just whatever time it takes for a pink slip, plus 10 minutes buying a greenslip and paying the overpriced registration fee (don’t say it’s not overpriced, just look at our roads, it’s clear the money paid is far too much for what we get).

Tomorrow, I want to have this sorted and finished. It’s had a heap of time to be sorted and finished, it shouldn’t take this long, it very well shouldn’t take much more!


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