The fence, the tree.

The fence on one side might be replaced in the coming weeks / months as the owners of the townhouses look to fix their driveway (it’s eroding on the slope).

The tree at the back, the one we wish to have removed for a few other reasons, will be an issue with the planned retaining wall and 6ft fence. So we are hopeful of seeing the approval notification in the coming days, and then arranging for the tree to come down.

The space then made will be used for the chicken house, the trampoline and swing set will move that side, and the remaining free space for better placement of trees and vines.

The plan for the front yard (largely neglected since we had the house recladded back in April), will have two trees (hopefully we can work in them with the replanting of natives requirement we will almost certainly be required to do). The intended trees would have to work in well to give us some privacy at windows height. The front gardens are getting redone, I’ll plant out some colours there, and am waiting on some LEDs to arrive from eBay so we can rig up the garden lights with a Christmas theme (and revert back when Christmas is over).

The vegetable garden is showing some growth – the kids have harvested and ate 3 cherry tomatoes so far. The vine was a little cramped in the shorter, 2x1m garden we built for them, so I moved that to a trellis to the side, which should increase yield and give them some more entertainment from that plant.

The Zucchini plant is a dominant one, in our 3x1m bed, it’s taking up a good large portion of it – around 1m x 1m, it’s leaves covering it’s neighbouring plants. We can’t plant them that close ever again.

The fruit trees are still holding their ‘buds’ with the one lonely apple showing much more growth and a more apple like shape, with a granny smith colour (it’s a “Jonathan” apple – so will go red).

Our potato ‘bins’ (yes, literally planted in two 60L rubbish bins), are massive, with one bursting out of the bin, and it’s neighbour not far behind.

Our carrots are unreal – nothing like what a carrot from the fruit shop is – they’ve got the green growth at the top, that’s huge!Watch Sugarbabies (2015) Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Our strawberry plant has two runners forming on it, so we’ll have even more strawberry plants to add to the current two.

Lettuce is dismal, it might be recovering but it looks poor. Cabbage has shown signs of recovery after the caterpillar attacks. Sunflowers are massive, some really look ready to flower..

Expanding our ‘farm’ is something we might end up doing, the Zucchini are massive, we don’t have Pumpkin (not that we use it tho..).

The next batch of seedlings have been planted today, and there are just 4 weeks until the current plants should show their true ‘colours’ (as in, yield, harvest of the full lot is due by end of December).

The lemon of the lemon trees looks nothing like the one we bought. It’s got much better growth on it, than what it had when we bought it, but it’s been that way for a while now. I think Citrus (or is it trees in general).. don’t show much signs of growth on a regular basis – not as often as the sunflowers that’s for sure – those flowers are massive.

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