Rust, mounts, oil leaks, and belts

I’m fairly sure that is pretty much all that we could have wrong with our car at the moment.

The rust I hit on the head mostly last weekend – Rust converter after cleaning it up, and let it dry out. Now it needs touch up paint, but we should not fail rego in February again.

The other issues we found with the car recently (I had it serviced back in September after some twit in a Bunnings car park decided to not watch where he was travelling), the front engine mount has broken again – this was replaced last time due to the engine bouncing around when changing gears apparently. They didn’t think at the time to replace the others “they are soft”..

Then we have the spark plug cover leaking oil, it’s a slow leak, but none the less, a leak. They cleaned it up back in September, and we found it leaking again, I showed them as I asked this week, for a quote on the mounts, and they claim a hairline crack. I had a look at it this afternoon, and found one of the bolts in the cover has come undone – this wasn’t the case when I asked back in September.Watch Boost (2016) Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

The other issue is the idiots didn’t think that when they were replacing the timing belt, which involves ripping practically all the accessories out (i.e. alternator, air compressor, etc), to replace the belt on the power steering at that time too. It’s a $9 belt – would have saved some labour if they did it then. “Hey, the belt is $9, the labour later will be $100 – do you want us to do the belt now?”….

And it’s more evident now that the only person who will look after (if looking after is what we could call it), the car.

It’s got paint damage from various issues, such as, the first day I got my license, in a carpark we got the side mirror scratched slightly.

Then a few weeks later, someone wasn’t watching as they were reversing and got our car (it’s ‘look over your shoulder, not out your mirror’) – the back door had a scratch, painted up OK.

Then we have the other incident where some #@$* at Toys R Us some time ago took her mini van, and hit our car on the way out – Typical Hit and Run.

Then, we have the Bunnings incident where I was proceeding through a carpark intersection and the old fart got my rear.

The car suffers from a leak, I got under it on the weekend, and it’s got oil all over the place.

The quotes for just the mounts were $800 and $700 from two different mechanics. I priced up the mounts, I can get them retail at $484.

So, the plan at the moment – short of replacing it (Money only goes so far, and having debt at high levels we have, with more spending planned is ‘fail’), is to fix the key issues.

So I’ll get a jack, I’ll get the engine supported, I’ll rip out the old mounts, put the new ones in, then I’ll replace the power steering and alternator belt (since for 1997, the car still has that touch of ‘crammed’ in design common in newer cars apparently).

With that done, I’ll then clean up the bottom of the car and monitor for what ever is leaking, and screw down the spark plug cover.

With the rust then painted over, the car should run pretty decent, until something else gives in! Then it’ll go for a road worthy in February – and fail again?

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